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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mera Bharat Mahan ??

I am shocked, pained and angered by the news of a five year old girl being kept captive, raped and brutally tortured  in Delhi.  Child rape is a truly hideous crime.

It is all very well to sing/ hear “ Saare Jahan se achha Hindustan hamara” or declare “Mera Bharat mahan” , but is my Bharat really mahan these days ? Is it really “mahan” when children are raped, and the common man is treated like dirt by our very own politicians and policemen ? Is it really “mahan” when all that our Prime Minister has to say over the incident is that he is “Deeply Disturbed” ? Is it “mahan” when the  police that should be protecting the citizens start offering  hush money to the parents and families  of rape victims  ? Is it “mahan” when our so called “Dharam Gurus” state on national TV that a girl is to be blamed if she gets raped ? Or is it mahan when our politicians justify a rape claiming that the women of India are “dented and painted”  ?

I’m sorry but my Hindustan is no longer mahan and my heart weeps for my country.  My message to this government -  the time to be "Deeply Disturbed" is now over. It is now time to be "Deeply Active". Do not test the patience of the common man.  We need answers, action and security. We want our mahan Hindustan back.