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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Letter To Arnab Goswami

Dear Arnab,

I have been closely following the IPL/BCCI/Match-fixing/Betting saga. Fact is, the more I learn about the IPL the more I hate it. As for the BCCI, Its rotten through and through. But amidst all this was the news coverage on the Times Now News Channel.

I confess I am an ardent fan of yours and I love your way of asking direct questions and voicing your opinions (and I am a News Hour addict) but I must say I was worried at times and I prayed that Mr. N. Srinivasan would resign for your sake if not for the sake of cricket or the millions of fans expectation of it.
It got to a point where I had horrific images of you breaking things in the studio in anger. There were times when you pushed up your coat sleeves and loosened the tie and I worried if you planned to undo the tie and strangle or punch the pro BCCI guests  but thankfully that did not happen (maybe it was wishful thinking on my part :D)

There are certain people who claim that you are opinionated without knowing facts, or that mature journalism is about objectivity and blah blah blah,,my advise to them - chill, go take a walk, no one asked to watch this news channel ! Fact is, most people don’t have the guts to have an opinion and stand for it but you do that and in full public view. I admire you for it and hence I request you..please please please..get a grip on that rage and anger. We need you around to control those pathetic politicians who hardly ever attend a parliament session but never miss a chance to be on national television..even if it is to be humiliated and exposed.