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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On The Move Once Again

Once again I’m in the process of packing my bags and shifting. It has become the norm of my life. So many cities, such different cultures, different values. Every city has made me learn new things while I had to unlearn others.  I created a “Home” in every city that I lived in. Every time I shifted I left behind a part of me in that city. Sometimes I wonder, if I keep living this nomadic life, will I one day have anything left in me to leave behind ?

Often I’m homesick and look forward to my short visits to my hometown, and yet, whenever I visit my hometown, home no longer feels like home. The city has changed, the people have changed and the visits leave me disoriented. The city that I once knew, now resides just in my memories…and I’m left asking myself what I was homesick for.

I guess homesickness and nostalgia for me is more related to the relationships I share with people and certain incidents and time periods in my past, rather than location. I have created so many “homes” and I have so many memories, and yet, I truly have no fixed place I can call home and it leaves me wondering…can a person actually be homesick when one has no fixed address one can call home ??