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Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Emoticon Effect

The Internet has affected our daily lives and the way we communicate with each other dramatically. Why am I blogging about this you ask ? Well, It all started with Yahoo Chats (remember those chat rooms, random chats  and weird Ids like hot_hunk, sadhu_in_jeans etc etc).

Yahoo chats had people addicted to them for years (yes yes I confess to being a part of that scene too, though I swear I never had an Id like that) and people were dependent on the emoticons to express or convey their feelings. But all that is in the past now. Yahoo has long back shut down the chat rooms and most people have gotten over the addiction of staring at their computer screens for hours and hours ( yes we’re now addicted to blogging, posting, voting and promoting posts…hehe)

Though we have got over the chats, what simply does NOT go away from our minds are the emoticons. A friend recently confessed that not just on text…she has to make an effort not to make her face go :O when she’s surprised or :)) when she finds something amusing.

And it’s not just the emoticons, we have still not gotten over the ROFLs and the LOLs ! How many of you are affected by these ?  How many of you  use acronyms/emoticons in your writing ?  Do you find yourself
writing  ";-)" or web acronyms when using pen and paper ? Own up people ! I’d love to know your thoughts !