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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lost Art of Letter Writing

Today while going through my belongings, I found the fountain pen that I had misplaced long back. Seeing it brought about a surge of memories. Memories of the times I had spent writing letters to my loved ones. Yes, I did that, I loved writing letters. At times I would write poetry on beautiful stationery and send to my close ones on their birthdays etc. And I loved receiving hand written letters too. I still do, but people now do not have the inclination or patience to sit down and write letters. It is the era of email.

It’s not that I do not appreciate technology, I do. I do understand the importance of a fast delivered email. But to simply type a few lines and email to those close to you sounds so loveless and unemotional. Handwritten letters are so much more personalized. It shows that the person writing it took time out of his/her schedule especially for you.

Every letter has a part of the person who writes it. It has an emotion to express, providing us a glimpse into that person’s mind, thought process and feelings. The excitement of opening an envelope and reading a handwritten letter is indescribable.

One of my most cherished possession is a letter from my mom that starts with “Pyari beti Renu…”, I have no idea if she still remembers writing it but for me it is priceless. There are also a few letters from my husband where he had written beautiful poetry for me, we sometimes sit together and re-read them, recreating the magic.

I keep these letters in a box. Occasionally, I take them out and relive all those emotions. Today I sit and wonder, will my children ever have such a treasure box ? Will they have letters they can go back to in 20-30 years of time ? It’s time to buy a new ink pot and stationary. I need to sit down and create memories for my children. To tell them how much they mean to me.

My appeal to all – do take the time out to write to your loved ones. I assure you it will bring them enormous joy. All you need is a paper, a pen, an envelope and some stamps. And above all some loving words that come from the heart and gives warmth to the reader.