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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ek Cup Chai Ho Jaye

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Every time I cross Café Coffee Day, I read its caption “A lot can happen over coffee”.  It’s a good ad line, a catchy one.

And yet it is Chai (tea) that is more popular with us Indians. There has to be a cup of Chai when we wake up, another with breakfast. You reach your work place and work starts with a cup of Chai, meetings are never complete without Chai. You get home from work and you finally have that much awaited “Ghar wali Chai”.

Exam times heighten the need for Chai, and when guests drop in there has to be a round of Chai. Chai in India is a convenient excuse for any and everything. Marriages are arranged over Chai and politics is discussed over chai, arguments about cricket matches are over Chai and distressed ones are consoled over a cup of Chai.Victories are celebrated over Chai and defeats are faced over Chai.  And let’s not forget those “cutting two by four chais” shared with friends and the sweet memories attached to them. The “Chal chai peene chalte hain” moments.

There is “mom ke hath ki bani adrak wali Chai” and “Ali ke tea-stall ki Irani Chai”. Nisha’s favorite “Elaichi wali Chai” and “Train ki kullhad wali Masala Chai”. There is “light Chai” and there is “kadak Chai”.

For us Indians, Chai is an excuse for getting together, for bonding with family and friends. There is never a reason nor a season for Chai. A lot can happen over a cup of coffee for sure but everything can happen over a cup of Chai. I value my Chai and for all those who agree with me..aaiye ek cup Chai ho jaye :)