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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Once Upon A Time...

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I am a member of a library that provides the option of books delivered to your home. While going through its website to choose the books I wanted, I ended up ordering a book of fairy tales.

Hubby upon seeing the book: You’re reading fairy tales now ?!!
Me: (mumbling) Yeah..just thought I’d read the stories again..
He rolls his eyes and leaves me to my reading.

Yes, even at this age, I love reading fairy tales. I love the magic they create. The moment I read the words “Once upon a time…in a place far far away…” the magic kicks in. The castles, the prince and the princess, the evil witch, the fairies, the magic wands…all those childhood tales still have a hold on me.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad would tell me stories (most of which he made up) where I would be the one who saves the world by slaying the evil monsters or dragons.
My holidays were spent at my grandparent’s place where my grandma would tell me religious stories of Krishna and Sudama etc. which in turn I narrate to my grandchild Aayushi, who like me, absolutely loves fairy tales. I feel the art of storytelling is a wonderful legacy that grandparents leave us.

I guess deep down most people love fairy tales. Fairy tales give us this alternate world where anything can happen. Or if the stories are personalized (like dad’s were) they give us a chance to be triumphant, they let us be what we secretly wished to be. I always did dream of being a princess with long hair, with a wardrobe full of  satin, silk and velvet dresses, glass slippers… the one whom the prince pines for (haha).

I loved them for their concepts that love conquers all and the good always overcomes the evil.
Call me naive and mushy but I loved them for their happy endings.
My favorite ones were:

Snow White And The Red Rose
Beauty And The Beast
Hansel And Gretel

What are your favorite stories ?