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Monday, May 12, 2014

Pamper Therapy

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Today, while going through my belongings, I came across a pair of silver payal (anklets). As I held them in my hands, the small silver bells made that soft sweet tinkling sound..taking me back in time..

I remember the first few years of my marriage. I loved wearing payal..I loved the soft melodious tinkling sound they made as I went about the house doing my work. Around than I had a variety of payal, the traditional thick ones, the golden multicolored ones, the delicate chain ones…how I loved wearing them !

I don’t know when or why I stopped wearing them. Maybe as I grew older it just seemed a bit of a mature thing to do..? But than what does age have to do with wearing what one likes ? Why give up something due to age ? These days a lot of the women I know don’t wear them..some would probably love to but their office dress code does not allow them to and some because they find it old fashioned and uncomfortable or boring.

I feel payal not only makes our feet look more beautiful, they add that sensual and feminine touch too. Age be damned, I’m going to pamper myself today by having a pedicure and then I’ll wear my payal and walk around hearing that long forgotten “chan chan” !!