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Monday, July 07, 2014

Airports And Railway Stations

I love airports and railways stations. I know it may sound weird to most people but I do love these places. I love the smell, the noise and the whole atmosphere. I love seeing the people rushing around tugging their luggage, while others browse books at book-stands or buy food and drinks.

Airports and railway stations are places that echo with memories. Memories of tearful goodbyes and happy reunions.

I love watching people there. I watch those who are leaving for vacations and I see the excitement, the anticipation, and the thrill of adventure on their face.  I look at those who have come back from some other place bringing back memories - some good ones, some not so good. I love witnessing the joyful reunions of family members or friends - the husband returning home to his wife, the joy of a grandparent hugging the grandchild, or friends connecting again after a long time.

Yes, I get to see the separations too - the worried parents sending their children away to study or get jobs, the wives waving goodbye to husbands with tears in their eyes, the parents who watch their daughters, who after marriage leave with their husbands.

Yes, I love watching people. I'm deeply intrigued by them. I love trying to guess what brought them to the same place in life that I am, who they are, what the rest of their life is like, etc. I like trying to pick up on clues to this in the way they dress, the way they talk, the things they have with them, bits of conversations I overhear, etc.

I feel one can learn so much at airports and railway stations about someone without even speaking a word to them. There is so much you can feel and learn from just being there, en route to your next destination.