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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Non Resident Indians and Indian Politics

With all respect to those Indians living abroad – this post is not to condemn their going abroad or challenge their right to speech or expressing their views, it’s about what I find absurd. You the reader, have a right to agree or disagree with me.

Was talking to a NRI friend today who lives abroad on WhatsApp (or rather, hearing her crib about how bad the new government there is and how they the minorities were treated shabbily at times).

My reply was that maybe the changes they are making are for the good of THEIR people ? Her response totally shocked me. She said that for a person who was NOT living in that country I should not make any such statements. I was told that only a person who has to go through the day to day problems of that country has a right to speak and that I should not go by what the media shows as most media houses just give paid news.

I kept quiet but my mind was thinking of all those messages she had sent in support of the ruling government in India and criticizing the other political parties. I thought of all those messages that were totally false in nature, full of hate for other religions and against certain minority communities.

It is funny really how those who shifted abroad BECAUSE they could not get opportunities in India, or they did not earn as much, or they wanted to live that foreign dream..those who so gladly accepted a citizenship abroad for their benefits ..those who earn in Pounds and Dollars and live in cushy organized neat little houses give gyan about how India should be and what is good for India.

They come once a year for a few weeks, travel in planes or 1st AC coaches if there are no flights available and they talk of how Bullet Trains will benefit India. I would like to ask them to travel in a second class coach just once NOW that they are so used to their comfortable lives and see if India actually needs a bullet train or if we need to first give better facilities to the common man. I would like to ask them to give up those mineral water bottles and see what the common man has to drink.

It is so easy to quote patriotism from the places they have settled down at. They do not vote in India, they do not pay taxes here yet they feel  they are the talented ones who have the moral responsibility to preach about what is right or wrong in India. They praise the current government with such conviction and praise the way how India has changed. My question to them – If the last 3-4 years have been so good, if there really has been such development, why are you still there ? Why do you not come back to your own country ?

What they should understand is that they adopted a different country out of choice or whatever reason and I do NOT condemn them for that, but they should give up meddling in the internal affairs of India and live like good citizens of the country they live in.