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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Letter To Arnab Goswami

Dear Arnab,

I have been closely following the IPL/BCCI/Match-fixing/Betting saga. Fact is, the more I learn about the IPL the more I hate it. As for the BCCI, Its rotten through and through. But amidst all this was the news coverage on the Times Now News Channel.

I confess I am an ardent fan of yours and I love your way of asking direct questions and voicing your opinions (and I am a News Hour addict) but I must say I was worried at times and I prayed that Mr. N. Srinivasan would resign for your sake if not for the sake of cricket or the millions of fans expectation of it.
It got to a point where I had horrific images of you breaking things in the studio in anger. There were times when you pushed up your coat sleeves and loosened the tie and I worried if you planned to undo the tie and strangle or punch the pro BCCI guests  but thankfully that did not happen (maybe it was wishful thinking on my part :D)

There are certain people who claim that you are opinionated without knowing facts, or that mature journalism is about objectivity and blah blah blah,,my advise to them - chill, go take a walk, no one asked to watch this news channel ! Fact is, most people don’t have the guts to have an opinion and stand for it but you do that and in full public view. I admire you for it and hence I request you..please please please..get a grip on that rage and anger. We need you around to control those pathetic politicians who hardly ever attend a parliament session but never miss a chance to be on national television..even if it is to be humiliated and exposed.


  1. Ok, so now its hence Proved that you are "Arnab Goswami's" biggest Fan. . .

  2. Well few opine .. he does it that way for TRPs as well..
    Honestly speaking and just deviating a little bit from Arnab, I feel that politics and media nexus and now media's nexus with almost every money generating source and the way they highlight and sabotage news .. just to hype and then kill it for TRPs .. I doubt if these conversations which take place are also got up !!
    I have no hatred for him and no liking as well.. to be honest . I just hope He is as genuine as the channel portrays !!

  3. @ Jaipur - yes a fan indeed :)

    @ Jack - True that its about the TRPs as well but some of his questions are questions I would have liked to ask these pathetic politicians..and you have to admit that the news hour beats the awful saas bahu stuff on the other channels :D news channel actually has something called "saas bahu sazish" :P

  4. indeed !! they should be banned from being named as news channels !! awful they are !!
    I do not deny many of his queries are so blunt that it makes me content from inside .. I love the way he takes full names ... "so Smriti Irani what you have to say on that ?? "kinds.. hehehe
    looks like Mangoes have real rep out there !! :)

  5. Well, a journalist of his level ans caliber should not be getting flustered, that's right. Secondly, the way he forces his questions are OK to a point, but beyond that, they become extremely direct and get to the point of him being called opinionated. This should not happen. He has to learn to get an objective view for the sake of journalism. Arnab, though he may seem to be in complete control, sometimes loses himself and tries to get his way with everything, which is not in the best interest of the public watching his channel.