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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ocean Therapy

I miss the beaches of Salalah.
I miss going to the beach in the evenings and sitting there in peace, letting the stillness envelope my thoughts. I love the ocean, the salty air, the warm sun on my face, the seagulls swooping down for bread crumbs, couples walking along hand in hand, children making sand castles, the distant voices of the fishermen..

Being away from the daily chaos - the traffic, the people and the stress of everyday life. Sitting there quietly looking out at the horizon and the endless ocean gives me a sense of freedom. The world stops for me as I experience a profound peace within.

The vastness of the ocean makes me realize how small I am and this knowledge in turn rips apart all the false egos that I unknowingly acquire in this world of pretences..Hence keeping me grounded to reality.

I love to walk bare feet on the beach too. The feel of the sand under my feet as the waves gently caress them. I walk shrugging away the worries of the world and simply taking in the beauty of it all…picking up different shells  and imagining what it must be like under the sea.  I soon lose myself, imagining mermaids and other mythical creatures.

It is amazing, how an hour or two at a quiet beach can make one feel as if the soul has been cleansed of the grub of everyday life. I call it the “Ocean Therapy” that I feel everyone must undergo once in a while.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Power of Love

“When you hold resentment toward another, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. Forgiveness is the only way to dissolve that link and get free.” – Catherine Ponder.

I pick up the paper or turn on the TV and there are stories of road rage, a teacher punishing a 2nd standard student for not completing his homework by burning the child’s hand, a teenager in USA randomly shooting whoever comes across him in his high school for no reason whatsoever, and so on and so forth….

Why are people so aggressive these days ?

Life is full of people we don't necessarily like or get along with, but does that give us the right to physically or verbally abuse them ? Is anger that makes one lash out and hurt another ever justified ? I see people fly into a rage over such trivial and petty issues.

What really makes me sad is the inability in people to forgive. I've seen people being hostile and carrying grudges against others for years and I wonder why they can’t simply forgive and forget and move on in life instead of carrying that burden of hate and animosity in their hearts year after year.

All we need to do is respect ourselves and others around us and take responsibility of our actions and I’m sure once we do that we will be happier people and make others happy.

A person who remains bitter and angry ultimately poisons and damages his soul and only by learning how to forgive can one heal the soul and enjoy the beauty of love and life.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Amazing Childhood

Saw some kids messing hands, face and clothes in order to paint. None of their paintings made sense to me but to them they were great. The look of pure joy on their face at their creation was amazing...
Sometimes I feel an intense sadness for having grown up and experience deep regret for being so disconnected from the child that I was.