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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beautiful Stranger

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

I once met a beautiful stranger
Who I had never met before
Though we didn't know each other
In an instant connected our souls

Some shy smiles were exchanged
Some feelings surfaced pure and true
Some unspoken words were heard
That the hearts understood and knew

Though there was a crowd around
We were oblivious to each and all
Our eyes just sought each other’s
The place became intimate and small

 He looked in wonder at my face
From far across the room
And under his caring, loving gaze
I felt my heart flutter and bloom

Some silent words were said
And some promises were made
His heart touched mine tenderly
Making my problems blur and fade

Deep down I knew and recognized
In a few hours we’d both be gone
Life would get back to normal
And I’d once again be all alone

It was not the right moment
Nor probably the right time
But in those few precious moments
I spent with him a whole lifetime

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Priyanka My Child

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

Though you are now all grown up
Leading your life and doing your stuff
And living miles and miles away…
Please know that you are always with me
In my heart and in my thoughts
Each moment and every passing day…

When your wishes, dreams come true
Worries have disappeared, problems are few
And you long to share with me all this…
Just hold your little daughter close
And hug her tight with love
And on your forehead, feel my gentle kiss…

When you’re feeling low and sad
I may not be there to hold your hand
But remember, I love you and I care…
All you have to do is close your eyes
And imagine me by your side
And feel my hand lovingly stroking your hair…

There may be days that you may dread
But remember not all days are bad
You should take them all in your stride…
For I know you can manage and cope
With all that this life, may at you throw
For you are forever my pride…

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Nature’s Portrait

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

The lovely green plants in my garden
Fill me each day with much happiness
For each and every new morning
They look forever green and fresh

The sun comes out each day and shines
Adding crispness and warmth to the air
The plants smile and get to work
Making tiny little flower buds appear

As the day gets more pleasant and warm
The buds open up their beautiful petals
The sight fills me with gratitude and love
I would not trade it with any wealth or medal

They bloom and sway in the gentle breeze
Even though surrounded by thorns
Teaching us that though there are hurdles in life
There is a fresh start each new day and morn

The flowers all seem like a rainbow of colors
Orange, yellow, red, pink and white
Nature has painted such a lovely portrait
It gives my heart such peace and delight

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Puppet

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

To a number of strings
I am eternally bound
Always maneuvered
And often pushed around

People roughly pull me
This way and that
Ignorant of my pains
And without any regrets

Pushed out each day
To dance and perform
Forever to be right
And never to be wrong

The music blares loudly
They all clap in glee
And watch in fascination
As laughter surrounds me

My performance entertains
And amuses all of them
But it makes my whole life
Nothing but a sham

For I am only a puppet
So no one hears my plea
Day after day I perform
While my heart cries silently

Monday, November 24, 2014

Acceptance Of Self

© Copyright Renu Vyas

We adjust our expectations
And quietly give up our dreams
We change our life’s definitions
And destroy our self esteem

We change the fabric of our existence
And on every turn we compromise
We lose our very originality
And fail to notice its demise

All this we do at times for someone
Who neither reciprocates nor deserves
We hurt, we cry, we worry, we fret
And then we call all this love

“ Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Bernard M. Maruch

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Not A Back-up Plan

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

You either accept someone’s love

Or you reject it outright

Do not treat it as a back-up plan

To be used as and when you like

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Facebook Woes

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Facebook – A lovely place where I can connect with my family, friends and all others I may wish to connect with. We can share photographs and keep each other updated. At least that is what I thought it was all about initially until I experienced certain other things that started irritating me and it got to such a point that I decided to write a post on it and rant !

The “Poke” tab. I truly wonder what purpose it serves and why do people feel the need to use it. I don’t know about others but I hate being poked. It puts me off and it is simply not acceptable to me.

The “Like” tab. Ok I do use the tab when I really like something or photographs my family or friends post. But I have an issue with people who send private messages complaining about how I forgot to like each and every thing they post. And yes, let us not forget those who post their own pictures and are the first one to like them too..I mean..if you have posted a picture of yours you must have liked it to post it in the first place right ? Liking your own picture is the height of desperation.

The posts that ask me to repost. People, I love my Dad, Mom, Husband, Children and all my family. I have full faith in my religion. Do not post pictures of various gods or about family and ask me to repost them with words like “let’s see who loves them enough to repost this” or photographs of terminally ill people with messages like "like this picture to save his/her life" blah is extremely irritating.

Tagging. Do not tag me along with 50 other people in photographs that have nothing to do with me. Trust me..Everything you post is automatically visible on my timeline..You do not need to tag me in all the nature/religious/political/cartoon etc. etc. pictures that you post.

I enjoy using Facebook. I truly do..and I do not mean to be rude to anyone..but.. is my humble request to not poke me, ask me to repost stuff that is not important etc.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


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© Copyright Renu Vyas

Tomorrow never really comes
Yesterday just never goes
And the today as I knew it
Bypassed me some years ago

My mind is numb and stuck
In this perpetual time zone
You moved on in life and left me
Trapped in this timelessness all alone

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bonfire Of Memories

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

 Today I climbed inwards
And collected all the memories
That I had stored away
So lovingly…
The moments
We had created together
The sharing
Of joys and pains
The laughing
At such small things
The conversations
And the significant
Pauses in between…
I picked up each memory
Touched it tenderly
And relived
Each and every moment
Some made me smile
Others brought tears…
I collected each feeling
Along with every thought
To take out in the garden
And burned all
That there was
That reminded me of you
Creating a huge
Bonfire of love…
I sat there and watched
Every spark and ember
Float in the air
And soon
All that remained
Were the ashes
Of our love
And the debris of our past…

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


© Copyright Renu Vyas

She is the one who creates
And is the synonym of earth
They have named her “mother”
She bears the pain of giving birth

She nourishes and nurtures
And keeps her family well fed
Works tirelessly all day long
And yet is the last one to bed

She gives up her name and identity
And adopts her husband’s name
Forgets her own wants and dreams
Prays for his health, wealth and fame

As her children grow up and flourish
She feels immense pride
And in order to make them happy
She keeps her own dreams aside

She ignores their bad tempers
And overlooks their flaws
And though she’s worthy of it
She never gets any applause

She often gets neglected
But calmly handles the stress
She hides the pain with a smile
And shows not she’s depressed

She worries about her family
And gives them sound advice
But she is often ignored
And hurt without thinking twice

At times she’s sad and lonely
Amidst those that she loves
She sheds silent tears at nights
At behavior she’s undeserving of

And yet because she’s a mother
Her heart remains loving and pure
She forgets and forgives all
And strives to keep her family secure

“But there's a story behind everything. How a picture got on a wall. How a scar got on your face. Sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. But behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begin.” 
― Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winter Solitude

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

The heavenly sweet smell of pine trees
A crackling fire that does not let me freeze
I gaze out the window as the leaves silently fall
Beautiful memories my mind does recall 
I sit all alone in peace and comfort
Surrounded by books that are worn out yet loved
A hot steaming cup of coffee nearby
Just my beloved solitude for company and I
Away from the hustle and bustle of life
My body and soul renew and re-energize

Lost Fragrance Of Love

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

I once grew a rose for you
It blossomed fresh and fine
Its petals sprinkled with morning dew
Looked charming and divine

I decorated it with hopes and dreams
And wrapped it with my love
I dreamt our love would flourish
And be blessed by the lord above

But when I offered the rose to you
You rebuffed and declined
Hurt and dejected I returned
While each day my heart for you pined

The rose I grew so lovingly
Has lost its color and dried
Crushed between the pages of a book
It stays life-less, hidden, and cries

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Candy Floss Man (Budhhi Ke Baal Wala)

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While I was out this afternoon, I saw a lone man on the footpath trying to sell candy floss. He would call out every time a child walked by, he would try to get the child’s attention but alas..not a single child stopped or even glanced his way. Most children preferred going to the big shop nearby. I saw one walk out with a packet of Choco pie and yet another with a packet of Lays chips. One child who did look at the candy floss seller was pulled away by his mother who muttered “it is not healthy !”

I remembered my childhood. I remembered a similar candy floss seller (or rather the “buddhi ke baal wala” as we called him) who would come to our street ringing a bell that he held in his hand, and all my cousins and I would wait eagerly for him. For us it was a great treat. I remember how instead of cold drinks, our mothers would serve Rooh Afza..sometimes mixed with cold water and if you’re lucky, an ice cube or two (yes a house with a fridge and ice was considered wealthy, neighbors coming around for ice was routine), and sometimes mixed with cold milk. And yes, the occasional “Gold Spot” (wonder if it is still available in the markets today..).

 The Lays, the Kurkures, The Choco Pies and the Pringles are all good for sure but sometimes my heart still yearns for the Budhhi ke baal, the kulfis and the simplicity of my childhood that seems to have died in today’s modern world.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Aayushi My Grandchild

© Copyright Renu Vyas 

A charming irresistible smile
And a voice like honey so sweet
Soft small pretty hands
And tiny lovely feet

Mom says “she’s my darling”
Papa says “she’s daddy’s girl”
Nanu says “hey she’s mine”
But Mimi knows she is hers

She is like the sunshine
Warm, bright and clear
Her dimpled sunny laugh
Brings such joy and cheer

The stories she and I share
Each and every night
The cuddling and cozying
And the hugging so tight

In this life of mine
She plays a special part
Spreads happiness all around me
And fills love in my heart

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Colors Of Life

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© Copyright Renu Vyas 

Some colors are bold,
Some colors are bright
Yet each and every color,
Fills me with delight
There’s a message in each color,
And each color has a mood
Some say black depresses
Yet some say it is good
Gold reminds me of dreams
Green of rejuvenation and life
White reminds of peace and calm
Silver of stars and moon light
Red is the color of passion
Blue is the oceans so wide
Grey is old age and experiences
While purples and pinks excite
Some colors stand out by themselves
Charming and divine
While others look so much better
When they are intertwined
Each and every emotion
They portray and describe
They are a part of our existence
The colors of our life

Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Philanderer

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© Copyright Renu Vyas 

He came, he saw, he liked, he wooed
Her body and her mind he seduced 
But once the newness of it all wore off
He got bored, and to pastures new he moved

Friday, November 07, 2014

The Lonely Old Couple

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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

The old couple, sitting quietly by the window
Drooping shoulders, sad old figures, all alone
The crowds and the world pass them by 
As they gaze on, neglected, forgotten and unknown

They watch the children shout and play
And remember fondly of their own
Their giggles and laughs, and running so fast
And the seeds of love they had as a family sown

The daughter’s need to sit in their laps
Her non-stop chatters and dimpled smile
All now things of the past, forgotten so fast
While she grew up and moved on in life

The Son’s games of cricket, and basket ball
And the sticking of band-aid on grazed knees
His bonding with his Dad and clinging to Mom
Now just remain as cherished memories

“We are grown up now and we need our space
We have our own dreams to fulfill”
The children had claimed it was their life
Leaving the parents with their loneliness to live

The couple now sits, side by side 
The days are now spent gazing at the phone
“Will it ring today ? will the children call ?”
They sit and wonder, so lonely and forlorn

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stranger In The Mirror

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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

The stranger who stares back from the mirror
Never fails to amaze, and scare me
The numerous small wrinkles stand out
Where once the skin lay smooth and free

There was a time her hair was smooth and black
It now lies limp, rough and grey
Life’s experience has taught her so much
And yet she has no words to say

Who is this woman I stand and wonder
And from where does she come
Has life been so hard on her
That a stranger to me she has become ?

The life has gone out of her smile
Her blank eyes have lost their spark
Her actions have become so life-less
Her persona so dull and dark

Her eyes no longer look to the future
Nor do they remember the past
The present does not matter to her
The blankness of her soul so vast

“Go away stranger !” I plead with her
“What role in my life do you have ?”
She smiles at me her vacant smile
And whispers “I’m all that you have left..”

Sunday, November 02, 2014

New Love

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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

Come let us pretend we are strangers
Who have never before met
And throw away all past bitterness
To create fresh memories never to forget

Let us explore each other’s minds afresh
While our souls nurture and nourish
Let new conversations and stories surface
As our dreams bloom and flourish

Let our love envelop us so completely
Making it hard for all to discern
Where your name and identity starts
And where my name and personality ends

Saturday, November 01, 2014


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 © Copyright Renu Vyas

Memories, over a period of time
Fade, wither and crumble away
Like the petals of a dry rose

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tonga - The Lost Shahi Sawaris

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These days having a car (the more gadgets in it the better) or an expensive motorcycle, is considered fashionable. It has become a status symbol of sorts. Roads in Pune (or for that matter my hometown too) are crowded with fancy cars, bikes, and the three wheeler taxis that zoom past at neck breaking speed. I often see children of around 10-15 years, zooming around without fear on bikes and wonder how their parents allow them.

There are very few bicycles and the Tonga rides that I loved have become relic of the past.

I grew up in Papua New Guinea and came back to India at the age of 16 in 1983. I remember the lovely Tonga rides from my childhood. There was a time when my hometown had a lot of Togas and it was the most common form of transport. I remember going to school in Usmaan Uncle’s Tonga. All the children sitting together, chatting, giggling, laughing..the water bottles hanging on a hook at the side..

Tonga rides for me were a unique experience. I always felt like Cinderella. The rides had a romantic feel to them..the tap tap of the horse’s hoof..the conversations with the tonga-wala bhaiyas..and the tinkling of the all took me to a totally different realm. .the nawab-like feeling was amazing.

Togas were once considered a shahi sawari (a royal ride).  Alas..gone are the days of the Tongas. The Tongas are fast dwindling..restricted mostly to tourist spots.

The ever-growing population, the fast pace of modern life, the fancy cars, buses, bikes and auto-rickshaws have forced  the Togas off the roads into oblivion. The pollution of petrol and diesel, the smoke of burnt tyres, and the fear of being run over by maniac drivers are all we are left with.

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Never Ending Performance

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तुम इतना जो मुस्कुरा रहे हो 
क्या ग़म है जिसको छुपा रहे हो 

Her: “All these lively happy poems on nature, love, moonlight and all..I envy you ! You are always so happy, always smiling..its amazing how someone can always smile so much ! “

I hear her and smile, wondering if she has never heard the famous phrase ‘’smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. ‘’

Fact is people do not want to listen to somebody else’s problems. People do not share grief..they pass judgments. It is so easy to look at another and make quick judgment and jump to your own conclusions. Most people do not take the trouble to look beyond the smiles and laughter; they do not see the pain and tears that the smiles hide.

I have always found it difficult to share my grief and pain with others and so I mask my feelings. Smiling is my way of dealing with my pain and fears. Silence is my armor. I have become so good at masking my feelings of pain that I sometimes feel as if I am in a never ending theater performance. I guess that is what we all are at the end of the day – actors on the great stage of life. It is the price of living in society. It comes with the package.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Drives That Lead To Nowhere

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I love long drives. Drives that lead to nowhere.

The time of the day does not matter to me, be it at sunset when the setting sun casts reflections on the greenery around me creating a magic aura, or early morning drives down the quiet suburbs, before the chaos of the day life takes over, or the night drives when the roads are all mine..the windows rolled down letting the gentle songs of the wind lull my senses..the city lights enveloping me in a whirlwind of color. And yes, let us not forget the drives in the rains..the sight of the city looking fresh, or the wet green countryside and the stops at the small roadside tea stalls.

For me it is not about the destination, it is about the journey, just an aimless drive to enjoy the beauty of the world around me and be at peace..just my drive, my music, my thoughts and a contented smile on my face.

I love long drives. Do you ?

© Renu Vyas. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Taking A Break From Life

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Sometimes I wish I could pause the world and life and just enjoy the moment I am in.

I am aware time does not stop and wait for anyone but I truly believe that life in modern times is so hectic and fast paced that we spend a large part of it rushing around trying to achieve things, making ends meet, or going about life living up to other people’s expectations. It’s a whirlpool. We forget that we are humans and not machines. We just go about life on auto-pilot. Performing, achieving, delivering…and in the process, we forget to live. We miss out on the beauty of the moment we are in.

Sometimes we just need to pause, stop and breathe, to let time pass, to shake the weight of life and routine off our shoulders.

Sometimes we need to just be.

© Renu Vyas. All Rights Reserved

Sunday, August 17, 2014

E Rangrez Mere

Been listening to the song “E Rangrez Mere” from the movie Tanu weds Manu. One of the most intense songs that I’ve heard in a long time. I am totally in love with its lyrics, the music and the singing. Both the Wadali brothers version and Krsna’s version are beautiful.The song tends to grow on you..the lyrics “Par mue kapas pe rang na ruke, rang itna gehra tera Ki jaano jigar tak bhi rang de..”  (the color of love doesn’t remain fixed on cotton chunni, but stains the whole life and soul ) suits the mood of the song..yes..the song truly colors my soul.

I thank Krsna for the lovely English translation of the lyrics.

Ab tumse kya main shikwa karun,
Maine hi kaha tha zid karke, rang de chunri pi ke rang mein
(rang de, rang de chunri pi ke rang mein)
Par mue kapas pe rang na ruke
rang itna gehra tera Ki jaano jigar tak bhi rang de..
Jigar rang de…

English Translation
How am I to complain of my tale?
I like a stubborn asked you to color my veil,
Oh! Your colors penetrated my fabric, insane,
Deep within my heart ‘n soul everything’s dyed of your stain,
Color my heart away, Oh this feelin’…

Rangrez tune afeem kya hai kha li,
Jo mujhse tu ye pooche ke koun sa rang?
Rangon ka karobaar hai tera,
ye tu hi to jaane, koun sa rang..

English Translation
Dyer, Are you so intoxicated on Opium!
Why ask me, what shade now to come undone?
Color and stains is your business of things,
You only know, what should you be coloring…

Mera balam rang, mera saajan rang,
Mera katik rang, Mera aghan rang, mera phagan rang,
mera saawan rang,
Pal pal rangte rangte, rangte mere atho pahar manbhawan rang
Ek boond ishqiyan daal koi tu, O…,
Ek boond ishqiyan daal koi,
Mera saaton samandar jaye rang,

English Translation
My beloved hue, My soulmate shade,
My spring , my autumn, my rainfall,  you color all my seasons with your pallette
A single drop of your love ingredient
Just a single drop of your romantic blend
Colors up my seven seas in a second,

Meri hadd bhi rang, sarhad bhi rang,
Behad rang de, anhad bhi rang de,
Mandir masjid maikad rang,

(Rangrez mere, Rangrez mere)
Rangrez mere do ghar kyun rahe,
Ek hi rang mein dono ghar rang de, dono rang de,

English Translation
Color me off limits, Color my boundaries,
Color me extreme, color my unceasing infinities,
My temple, My mosque, My entire world indeed

Oh dyer, why must we be separated by two different spaces,
Paint just one single shade to both worlds with your embraces, 

Pal pal rangte rangte rangte rangte naihar peehar ka aangan rang
Pal pal rangte rangte rangte rangte mere atho pahar manbhawan rang
Neende rang de, karwat bhi rang,
Khwabon pe pade salwat bhi rang

English Translation
Paint every moment, 
The courtyards of my maternal and marital heavens
Drape in one single shade all my 24 sevens
Color my sleep, color my peace,
Color even the creases of my dreams,

Ye tu hi hai, hairat rang de,
Aa dil mein sama hasrat rang de,
Fir aaja aur vaslat rang de,
Aa na sake to furqat rang de
Darde hijra liye dil mein darde, hijra liye dil mein darde main zinda rahu,
Zinda rahu, zurrat rang de.

English Translation
Color my amazement of you, 
Come paint the desires of my heart too, 
Color away our union, 
And if you can’t, forget not to paint our separation, 
Even with the pain of being apart, i must live on, 
Color my dare to carry on,

Rangrez mere, Rangrez mere,
Tera kya hai asal rang, ab to ye dikhla de,
Mera piya bhi tu, meri sej bhi tu,
Mera rang bhi tu, rangrez bhi tu,
Meri naiyaa bhi tu, majdhar bhi,
tujhmein dooboo, tujhmein ubarun,
Teri har ek baat sar aankhon pe,

Mera malik tu, mera sahib tu,
Meri jaa meri jaan, tere haatho mein,
Mera qatil tu, mera munsif tu,
Tere bina kuch sujhe na, Tere bina kuch sujhe na,

English Translation
O dyer of mine,
What’s your own real color? reveal your shine,
Oh you’re my lover, my resting ground is you,
My color and my colorful dyer too, 
My sail,  my center of ocean,
I sink in you, I come afloat under your beacon 
Your every word is my supreme given 

You are my owner and my dearest freind,
My breathing soul is in your able hands,
Oh my murderer, my justive giver
I’m clueless without you forever,

Meri raah bhi tu, mera rehbar tu,
Mera sarvar tu, mera aqbar tu,
Mera mashrik tu, Mera magrib tu,
Zahid bhi mera, murshid bhi tu,

Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Ab tere bina main jaun kahan,
Tere bina tere bina tere bina……

English Translation
My journey, my travel mate in sight,
My riddance, My genesis, My guiding light,
My lord is you, my disciple too,
I found a sage and divine signs in you,

Where could I go without you,
Where could I go without you,
Where could I ever go without you,
Without you….

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Happy Friendship Day

Happy friendship day to all my friends :)

The Gift of Friendship 
By Helen Steiner Rice

Friendship is a priceless gift
That can't be bought or sold,
But its value is far greater
Than a mountain made of gold.
For gold is cold and lifeless,
It cannot see nor hear,
And in your times of trouble,
It is powerless to cheer.

It has no ears to listen,
No heart to understand.
It cannot bring you comfort
Or reach out a helping hand.

So when you ask God for a gift,
Be thankful that he sends,
Not diamonds, pearls, or riches,
But the love of a real, true friend.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Cookie Monster

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I am in love. He has given me reason to live. . He gives me a reason to get up every morning and a reason to smile throughout my day. Yes I’m in love all over again – With him – the cookie in my jar.

Lately I have been obsessed with cookies. A cookie while watching the TV, another while I read blog posts, and yet another in-between house hold chores..and so on and so forth. It has come to such a state where my family has started having serious discussions whether my name should officially be changed to Cookie Monster.

I don't know what it is about cookies, but I am literally in love with them ! Homemade cookies are life. Especially when they are still fresh and warm from the oven..
White chocolate macadamia nut cookies, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, jam thumbprint cookies, sugar cookies, mint chocolate chip cookies, coconut cookies...

I'm so in love with cookies that I honestly believe I'll die with a cookie in my mouth some day. I love all types of cookies except Oreos. I simply hate Oreos !!
What are your favorite cookies ?