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Friday, March 20, 2015

Reconnecting With Friends

This one's for the 83-84 St.Patrick's batch that reconnected recently. The loud conversations in free periods seem like so long ago. Yet, memories from our high school years still resonate on my mind. I can't explain in words how it feels reminiscing with you all who I made long-ago memories with.
Like Hubert H. Humphrey said - "The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I received it." Love you all ladies :)

© Copyright Renu Vyas

Moments, months and years passed by
And we all grew old and apart
And though I lost touch with you all
You remained forever in my heart

Each one of you was special to me
In more ways than you can think
And though I may not have said it aloud
Between us I always felt a sacred link

Those carefree days of laughter
Those school crushes and being mad
That sharing of every insignificant thing
And the love that everywhere spread

Those shared yummy hot samosas in school
And the gossip in lunch breaks
The much dreaded, hated civics class
And in home science trying to stay awake

My eyes go moist remembering it all
And I regret the years spent alone 
But I believe we can recreate that magic
That through our friendship sparkled and shone

You were all like bright vivid colors
On the canvass of life I call “Me”
You each gave meaning to my life
And carved and shaped my personality

Reconnecting with you all once again
My heart swells with happiness and joy
Once again laughter and tears will be shared
And again each other’s company we’ll enjoy

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