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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Avni and the Pegasus

One day Avni thought 
That she would fly
Go high above 
Right up in the sky

But she had no wings
So she became sad
Hearing of her wish
The world thought her mad

She whispered her wish
To the fairies around
They listened to her
Without making a sound

They picked up their wand
Created something wondrous
Avni clapped when she saw
A lovely Pegasus

It smiled at her gently
And shook it's head
Come on my lovely Avni
Come sit on my back

She sat on its back
And held on to it's ears
And high she flew
Without any fears

She winked at the sun
And kissed the moon
Filled her pockets with stardust
Gave each cloud a balloon

Finally she got tired
And back home she came
The Pegasus bid farewell
And things became the same

She took out the stardust
And called all her friends
She shared it with them all
And thus the story ends

Copyright Renu Vyas


  1. It poetically touches all elements of fables..a delightful experience for the kids, I am sure...regards

  2. So sweetly written...true, an adorable gift to your grandchildren, Renu !