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Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Silly Potato

This one's for my granddaughters Aayushi and Avni..

Little Aayushi and Avni
Sat down to have lunch
But the potato in their plate
Gave them a sound punch

"I will not let you eat me"
It screamed in a rage
It hopped and it danced
As if it is on a stage

"How dare you" said Aayushi
"How could you give a punch"
She picked it up in anger
And angrily she munched

"Ouch" squealed the potato
It wriggled out of reach
Now Avni too got angry
A lesson she decided to teach

She picked up a bottle
And on it splattered sauce
The potato could not see now
And therefore it paused

So Aayushi and Avni
Quickly caught it and ate
They munched and they chewed
Before it could make them wait

"What a stupid, silly potato !"
Said Avni with a smile
And Aayushi agreed with her
Making the meal worthwhile

Copyright Renu Vyas


  1. Perfect gift for enjoyment of adorable kids from the tale with inmocence suited to children...regards