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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Nanu's Magical Khaadi (Farm)

While walking through Nanu's Khaadi (farm)
I came across a big green tree
And spied a little old door there
And wondered what on the other side would be

I bent down and knocked on it
And asked softly " is anyone there ?"
It opened just this tiny bit
And out peeped a tiny furry bear

"Just crawl in if you must come in"
The bear whispered to me
"The party has already begun
You're just in time for tea"

I crawled in through the little door
And in wonder looked around
Oh I was in such a magical world
With such beautiful lovely sounds

The birds were all dressed in tiny frocks
The rabbits in pink caps and shoes
A garden full of colorful flowers
And the sky bluer than all blues

The fairies sat on swings on the trees
The pixies on little white chairs
The dwarfs were serving little cup cakes
And peacocks munching on eclairs

I saw Cinderella dancing merrily
In her beautiful delicate glass shoes
Rapunzel was humming and brushing her hair
Oh yes ..she was very much there too

Queens Aditi and Priyanka
Were singing on the stage
And holding their hand lovingly
Stood by, their handsome mates

Suddenly I heard a strange sound
And eagerly looked up at the sky
I saw Princess Aayushi and Avni
Arrive on a unicorn with twinkling eyes

Snow White clapped her hands in glee
Sleeping beauty woke up with a smile
Everyone enjoyed the party
And all stayed for a while

And finally it was time to go
We all hugged and said goodbye
Promising to meet again next week
I crawled out of the little door with a sigh...

Copyright Renu Vyas.


  1. So sweet...enjoyed being in childhood...

    1. Thank you Saibal. These poems not only make my granddaughters smile.. I get to relive my childhood too 🙂