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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Musafir Hoon Yaaron..

The last few years have seen me shifting from hometown to Jaipur to Ahmedabad to Lonavla to Pune..not to mention the places I've lived at abroad as a child. I've learnt not to leave any roots behind.. for if I do..the transition from one place to another would become very very difficult. Somehow I can relate to this song by Gulzar Sahab :
मुसाफ़िर हूँ मैं यारों
ना घर है ना ठिकाना
मुझे चलते जाना है, बस, चलते जाना

एक राह रुक गई, तो और जुड़ गई
मैं मुड़ा तो साथ-साथ, राह मुड़ गई
हवा के परों पे, मेरा आशियाना

दिन ने हाथ थाम के, इधर बिठा लिया
रात ने इशारे से, उधर बुला लिया
सुबह से शाम से मेरा, दोस्ताना

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Life of Regrets

Sometimes its important in life to be selfish enough to fulfill your dreams and ambitions.. and not give it up for the supposed happiness of those you care most about. Because life does not offer you opportunities each time and most often we live a life of regrets which does not really add to the happiness of our loved ones or ourselves.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Murammat Muqaddar Ki Kardo Maula..

Sometimes I wish I had a garden. Maintaining it would have been the perfect project for myself. Physically, psychologically, metaphorically...clear away the old debris..prune off the dead branches...rejuvenate the soil...plant new...with a hopeful eye to the future. Resurrection, rebirth, a fresh start :)