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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

माँ सी ही होती है मासी

माँ सी ही होती है मासी

मायके में मैं जब भी जाती

जी भर के वो प्यार लुटाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

माँ की तरह ही वो बतियाती

दुःख सुख में बन जाती साथी

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

गलती पे वो डांट लगाती

रूठने पर फिर वो मनाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

मेरी याद उसे भी आती

हर पल ये एहसास कराती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी...

याद मैं उसको जब भी करती

आँखें उसकी भी नम हो जाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

काश मेरे भी पंख होते

उस से मैं मिल कर आ जाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

©Renu Vyas

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Sponge Life

Going through a weird fase in life where I'm beginning to feel like a sponge..a sponge that absorbs everything but is not supposed to react.

But what happens when it's capacity is full ? A sponge does not explode so I suppose it just dries with time and the cycle of absorbing starts all over again..until the cracks appear and it slowly disintegrates.

The only words that come to my mind are Mehdi Hassan's :

सब की सुन कर चुप रहते हैं
दिल की बात नहीं कहते
आते आते जीने के भी 
लाख बहाने आ जाते है....

कैसे कैसे लोग हमारे 
जी को जलाने आ जाते हैं
अपने अपने ग़म के फ़साने
हमें सुनाने आ जाते हैं.....

इन से अलग मैं रह नहीं सकती
इस बेदर्द ज़माने में
मेरी ये मजबूरी मुझको
याद दिलाने आ जाते हैं....

Monday, January 14, 2019


I was a parched, dry, dying flower

You became the rain drenching my soul

Reviving me, as I bloom exquisitely..

© Renu Vyas

Friday, January 11, 2019

Between Wake and Asleep

Early morning hours

In that state of half asleep

The thoughts more tender

The heart more bare

As my mind still hangs

To the edges of my dreams..

©Renu Vyas

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Toothpaste Dispenser ? Really ??

When was the last time you gave a thought on putting the right amount of toothpaste on your tooth brush ? Have you ever been really worried that you may put more toothpaste than is needed or that you would get the amount all wrong ? well you need not worry any more ! It seems there is a “smart” gadget that can help you get just that "right" amount of toothpaste on your tooth brush !!

Yes, I'm talking about the toothpaste dispenser. Another piece of annoying technology that for me tops the list of useless gadgets.

I sit here and wonder, why would a company, any company, ask their employees to use their precious creativity and innovative talent to design a gadget that makes absolutely no sense ?

Maybe they felt that squeezing a toothpaste tube is, presumably, a lot of hard work and they wanted to do away with that task ? Or maybe the act of picking up the lid if/when it falls is very tiring ? Oh you don't have to worry about your spouse or child squeezing the tube at the center !! That way there will be less morning fights and divorce rates will go down and harmony amidst parents and children will be restored and life will be more peaceful !!

Really ? Do we really need a toothpaste dispenser ? This in my view is the new level of craziness and lazy.