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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Broken Heart

My heart, broken
Into million pieces
Every which way

I keep mending it
Poem by poem
Each day, every day..

Copyright Renu Vyas

Nanu's Magical Khaadi (Farm)

While walking through Nanu's Khaadi (farm)
I came across a big green tree
And spied a little old door there
And wondered what on the other side would be

I bent down and knocked on it
And asked softly " is anyone there ?"
It opened just this tiny bit
And out peeped a tiny furry bear

"Just crawl in if you must come in"
The bear whispered to me
"The party has already begun
You're just in time for tea"

I crawled in through the little door
And in wonder looked around
Oh I was in such a magical world
With such beautiful lovely sounds

The birds were all dressed in tiny frocks
The rabbits in pink caps and shoes
A garden full of colorful flowers
And the sky bluer than all blues

The fairies sat on swings on the trees
The pixies on little white chairs
The dwarfs were serving little cup cakes
And peacocks munching on eclairs

I saw Cinderella dancing merrily
In her beautiful delicate glass shoes
Rapunzel was humming and brushing her hair
Oh yes ..she was very much there too

Queens Aditi and Priyanka
Were singing on the stage
And holding their hand lovingly
Stood by, their handsome mates

Suddenly I heard a strange sound
And eagerly looked up at the sky
I saw Princess Aayushi and Avni
Arrive on a unicorn with twinkling eyes

Snow White clapped her hands in glee
Sleeping beauty woke up with a smile
Everyone enjoyed the party
And all stayed for a while

And finally it was time to go
We all hugged and said goodbye
Promising to meet again next week
I crawled out of the little door with a sigh...

Copyright Renu Vyas.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Inner Turmoil

The older I get, the more I enjoy the calmness, the stability, and the peace life offers after fifty. It's good to no longer worry about the insecurities and uncertainties that were a permanent companion earlier.

When I was young, crossing every hurdle, facing new challenges that life threw at me felt exciting. It was as if I wanted to fly. It made me feel alive..yet often left me with a lot of inner turmoil.

I have now learnt to value stability. And yet sometimes..just sometimes.. a part of me craves to free a tiny part of myself from the boundaries set by the society, to break the chains of the confines of a life constrained by the codes of others.

Mostly, being the person that people expect me to be comes easily to me. I guess life is the same for all. Each person playing a series of roles, all striving to play each one to the best of their abilities. And yet there are those few rare moments that leave me wondering, questioning myself.. which is the charade and which is the real me..

Saturday, July 04, 2020

Art of Appreciation

Most people these days take others for granted. They do not appreciate what they have, or the effort and hard work others put for them. Even the little things matter.

A warm smile we receive, a kind gesture, a friendly all matters, and yet we often take them for granted. We do not appreciate. We do not take the time to let the other know how important such things are for us.

Appreciating is an art, it does not come naturally to all. Sometimes one has to learn to appreciate. And a word of appreciation makes a lot of difference to another.

And it's never too late to start learning 🙂

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Avni and the Pegasus

One day Avni thought 
That she would fly
Go high above 
Right up in the sky

But she had no wings
So she became sad
Hearing of her wish
The world thought her mad

She whispered her wish
To the fairies around
They listened to her
Without making a sound

They picked up their wand
Created something wondrous
Avni clapped when she saw
A lovely Pegasus

It smiled at her gently
And shook it's head
Come on my lovely Avni
Come sit on my back

She sat on its back
And held on to it's ears
And high she flew
Without any fears

She winked at the sun
And kissed the moon
Filled her pockets with stardust
Gave each cloud a balloon

Finally she got tired
And back home she came
The Pegasus bid farewell
And things became the same

She took out the stardust
And called all her friends
She shared it with them all
And thus the story ends

Copyright Renu Vyas

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Silly Potato

This one's for my granddaughters Aayushi and Avni..

Little Aayushi and Avni
Sat down to have lunch
But the potato in their plate
Gave them a sound punch

"I will not let you eat me"
It screamed in a rage
It hopped and it danced
As if it is on a stage

"How dare you" said Aayushi
"How could you give a punch"
She picked it up in anger
And angrily she munched

"Ouch" squealed the potato
It wriggled out of reach
Now Avni too got angry
A lesson she decided to teach

She picked up a bottle
And on it splattered sauce
The potato could not see now
And therefore it paused

So Aayushi and Avni
Quickly caught it and ate
They munched and they chewed
Before it could make them wait

"What a stupid, silly potato !"
Said Avni with a smile
And Aayushi agreed with her
Making the meal worthwhile

Copyright Renu Vyas

Lost Dreams

Eyes gaze out of the window
Heart in a perpetual wait
Of a lost dream to come back home

© Renu Vyas 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Meant For The Sidelines

"Who am I ?"

This is one question we all ask ourselves from time to time. We are never the same. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. And yet, there are some things that remain the same, constant.

I am more tolerant of people now than I was earlier. I have learnt to hear more than I speak. I have learnt to be more careful with my emotions. I am better able to hide my pain behind smiles and conversations.

What has not changed is that I am still very much an introvert. I am the type of person who when is present, the presence will not be acknowledged and in absence, the absence will not be felt.

I am a person that one's peripheral vision can see, but never really notice because people mostly focus on the center, on what is in front of them. I will never be the person in the center.

I am meant for the sidelines.

Sunday, June 21, 2020


I used to love life in the countryside. I loved solitude. And yet..I now prefer to stay in the city. The sound of the traffic, the noise and the glow of lights are a constant reminder to me of life in continuous motion. They keep my mind engaged, distracted. They leave no space to think.

The silence of the countryside, the solitude, scares me. It allows me to hear my own thoughts far too much.
So yes, I still do love the countryside..and yet...

Monday, June 15, 2020

Garden Of Words

I have a beautiful garden
In my mind, and my heart
I plant all my words there
Some complete, some at start

Some are totally random
While others are rehearsed
I tend to them all lovingly
Day and night they are nursed

I pour on them, all of my love
And sprinkle a little of my pain
I Add some tender feelings too
And my tears on them I rain

And finally there comes a time
When the garden is in bloom
Rich, vibrant thoughts adorn it
And some beautiful verses too

I pluck some softly, tenderly
Mix them in my emotional jar
Some turn out as beautiful
And some remain as memoirs...

Copyright Renu Vyas

Friday, June 12, 2020


The walls that my heart built
Are my safety, protection
And my prison too

Copyright Renu Vyas

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Love At First Sound

I don't exactly remember when or how it happened.
I grew up abroad and I would visit my hometown in the holidays. It was then that I first heard of the radio show "Binaca Geet mala". I remember that countdown of songs..and how I fell in love with a voice. There is a saying in English -  love at first sight, but mine was love at first sound. I totally, irrevocably, fell in love with Ameen Sayani 's mesmerizing voice.

I remember how I'd rush to complete my school homework, get all that was required of me done..just so that I would be free for the show. I remember the excitement of hearing a favorite song on the popularity chart, the disappointment of another not making it..the way how Sayani Sahab's voice made  each song special..every song had a mood, a character, and a life of it's own..

Some songs brought that soft smile on my face..while my imagination took me to places, and near people I dreamt about.. while some left my eyes moist. Than there were those that made me yearn and ache for that which I had never had or even experienced..and yet I felt that acute loss..a void unexplained.

The radio show and Sayani Sahab's voice enriched my teenage years and laid a solid foundation for love of music that has only grown with the years..the show may be off air..but it lives on in my heart and memories..and to this day my love for that voice continues..

Saturday, June 06, 2020


A comfortable silence that needs no words
A wink across a crowded room
The art of being in love

Copyright Renu Vyas

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Frozen In Time

I am
Scraps of paper 
Filled with unfinished notes 
And forgotten doodles

I am
Half cups of coffee
Cold and discarded
Over intense conversations

I am
Unflicked grey ash
Hanging precariously
From half smoked cigarette butts

I am
The lonely bookmark
Found between pages
Of books once read, loved

I am
That quiet moment 
Forever frozen in time
Preserved for a lifetime

Copyright Renu Vyas

Monday, June 01, 2020

Sepia Coloured Life

Dried flowers hidden between the pages of old books, sepia colored photographs, gramophone records, Mehdi Hassan's soft voice, Amin Sayani and Binaca Geetmala, crisp cotton saris, the familiar smell of Ponds talcum powder, rooh afza, and  the luxury of being in touch with myself..the uncluttered, simple life.

A massive wave of nostalgia...

Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Sometimes I wonder how silence can vary so much in pitch and tone. Some silences are soothing and soft..some  chaotic, while others are filled with a happy chatter. The silence within me today holds a high-pitched scream at its heart.

Reminds me of Ghalib 's words:

"जब की तुझ बिन नहीं कोई मौजूद
फिर ये हंगामा ऐ खुदा क्या है
दिल ए नादां तुझे हुआ क्या है..."

Monday, May 25, 2020


The problem with pedestals is that people start to look down on you..and eventually, invariably they fall off them. And I've put far too many people on pedestals all my life.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Jigsaw Puzzle

I tried to fit in all my life
Forgetting, that I am not
Piece of a jigsaw puzzle

Copyright Renu Vyas

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Coronavirus Diaries

We got so caught up
In surviving, day and night
We forgot to actually live

Copyright Renu Vyas

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Beautiful Me

Someday when I am nomore 
Someone, somewhere
Will take the time to learn
The "me" that I was
My truths, my defeats
My demons, My dreams
What tried to destroy me..
And what made me a fighter
What made me connect
And what made me love. 
And they will tell the world
What a beautiful story I was...

Copyright Renu Vyas

Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Black or White

We need to take
All those shades of grey
And make them
Black or white
To define a limit
And be absolute

Copyright Renu Vyas

Monday, May 04, 2020

Forgotten Bookmarks

All the words
You once whispered
Lovingly, softly
Still reside in my heart
As forgotten bookmarks
Of a story called "Us" 
That once was
Yet no longer exists

Copyright Renu Vyas

Sunday, May 03, 2020

Sunset In My Eyes

I waited an eternity for you
And to you devoted all my sunrise
But you arrived, seeking me so late
When all I have is sunset in my eyes

Copyright Renu Vyas

Thursday, April 30, 2020

An Old Soul

I am, an old soul
Stuck in the wrong century
Shying from the modern chaos
Overwhelmed and insecure
 By the magnitude of superficiality
Comfortable in my own company
I walk a solitary path
I meditate, reflect on, appreciate
Enjoy beauty of life, contemplate
Taking each day as it comes
Until the time I'm recalled
To unite with my fellow old souls

Copyright Renu Vyas

Friday, April 24, 2020


Sometimes I feel we don't really know people. We feel we totally understand them, their thoughts, their views, and what makes them "them".

But do we ever really know them ? do we ever truly see what lies beneath the surface ? Sometimes, I wonder if I even know myself. I was a different person long long back, I'm different now. Am I who I should have been ? So what does that make me ?

We all have our versions, and it's okay if people can't love all of them...

Thursday, April 23, 2020


There are some books that stay in my collection. I’ve read them lots of times, long back. The pages are worn out, yellowed with time. I rarely read them, yet I do not give them away. The thought that they are there comfort me..and There are some songs that I never delete from my music collection. They remain in my playlist always. I rarely hear them, but the thought that they are there gives me comfort. I do not miss them, and yet neither do I forget them.

And there are such people too....

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


कड़कती धूप में फिर रहा
बदहवास सा, बौखलाया हुआ
अंजान मुसाफ़िर आवारा सा
एक शख़्सियत की तलाश में

Copyright Renu Vyas

Monday, March 16, 2020

Loving Myself

Thank you for once rejecting me
 It was the beginning of
My accepting and embracing
All of my flaws and scars
That make me unique in my own way
And falling in love with myself

Copyright Renu Vyas

Sunday, February 02, 2020

Joker In The Pack

Life has always been for me
Like a deck of  playing cards
There are kings, queens and jacks
While I , the joker stands apart

I have watched on quietly
As life's hand after hand is dealt
And with each game that is played
Only worthlessness is all I've felt

People have rarely noticed me
Kept my opinions and wishes aside
I stayed on the peripheries of life
Compromising with my pride

I am to be used as and when
Things are not going so great
I do what is required of me
But my heart carries this sad weight

With a pained smile on my face 
I sadly gaze into their eyes
Entertaining the kings and queens 
while my whole being aches and cries

So you see, In a world so bright
I live all alone, night after night
I am the useless Joker 
Ignored by the orchestrators of life 

©Renu Vyas

Thursday, January 30, 2020

वो और मैं

एक खुशबू बन 
साँसों में मेरी 
रच बस गया 
हवा के झोंके सी 
कुछ पल छू के 
बस बिखर गई
मीठी  याद बन  
दिल में मेरे 
घऱ कर गया 
भूले लम्हे सी 
वक़्त के साथ 
बस गुज़र गयी

©Renu Vyas

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I, A Broken Vase

I, a beautiful vase
Broken time and again
By those I trust
And those I love
And each time 
I gather my pieces
Joining them 
Carefully, painfully
While people judge me
On the basis of
My ugly cracks
Missing out completely
On the beauty
Of my strength
On my ability to 
Rejoin myself
And restore my trust
As love them
All over again

©Renu Vyas

Sunday, January 05, 2020

मेरा मौन

हिदायतें सबकी सुनी
सबके कहे सुनता रहा
सहमे, चुप रहे लब मेरे
और मेरा मौन बोलता रहा

©Renu Vyas

Friday, January 03, 2020


आँखे उस का सपना देखे 
जो कभी मुझे मिला नहीं 
दिल उस खत का रास्ता देखे 
जो कभी किसी ने लिखा नहीं 
मन मनाए उस शख्स को 
जो कभी कहीं रूठा नहीं 
हँस लेती हूँ उस बात पर 
जो कभी किसी  ने कही नहीं 
और ऐसे ही रूठते , हँसाते 
अपने में ही ख्वाब सजाते 
खुद को अक्सर मना लेती हूँ 
की मैं भी तन्हां नहीं...

©Renu Vyas

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

माँ सी ही होती है मासी

माँ सी ही होती है मासी

मायके में मैं जब भी जाती

जी भर के वो प्यार लुटाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

माँ की तरह ही वो बतियाती

दुःख सुख में बन जाती साथी

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

गलती पे वो डांट लगाती

रूठने पर फिर वो मनाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

मेरी याद उसे भी आती

हर पल ये एहसास कराती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी...

याद मैं उसको जब भी करती

आँखें उसकी भी नम हो जाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

काश मेरे भी पंख होते

उस से मैं मिल कर आ जाती

माँ सी ही होती है मासी....

©Renu Vyas

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

The Sponge Life

Going through a weird fase in life where I'm beginning to feel like a sponge..a sponge that absorbs everything but is not supposed to react.

But what happens when it's capacity is full ? A sponge does not explode so I suppose it just dries with time and the cycle of absorbing starts all over again..until the cracks appear and it slowly disintegrates.

The only words that come to my mind are Mehdi Hassan's :

सब की सुन कर चुप रहते हैं
दिल की बात नहीं कहते
आते आते जीने के भी 
लाख बहाने आ जाते है....

कैसे कैसे लोग हमारे 
जी को जलाने आ जाते हैं
अपने अपने ग़म के फ़साने
हमें सुनाने आ जाते हैं.....

इन से अलग मैं रह नहीं सकती
इस बेदर्द ज़माने में
मेरी ये मजबूरी मुझको
याद दिलाने आ जाते हैं....

Monday, January 14, 2019


I was a parched, dry, dying flower

You became the rain drenching my soul

Reviving me, as I bloom exquisitely..

© Renu Vyas

Friday, January 11, 2019

Between Wake and Asleep

Early morning hours

In that state of half asleep

The thoughts more tender

The heart more bare

As my mind still hangs

To the edges of my dreams..

©Renu Vyas

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Toothpaste Dispenser ? Really ??

When was the last time you gave a thought on putting the right amount of toothpaste on your tooth brush ? Have you ever been really worried that you may put more toothpaste than is needed or that you would get the amount all wrong ? well you need not worry any more ! It seems there is a “smart” gadget that can help you get just that "right" amount of toothpaste on your tooth brush !!

Yes, I'm talking about the toothpaste dispenser. Another piece of annoying technology that for me tops the list of useless gadgets.

I sit here and wonder, why would a company, any company, ask their employees to use their precious creativity and innovative talent to design a gadget that makes absolutely no sense ?

Maybe they felt that squeezing a toothpaste tube is, presumably, a lot of hard work and they wanted to do away with that task ? Or maybe the act of picking up the lid if/when it falls is very tiring ? Oh you don't have to worry about your spouse or child squeezing the tube at the center !! That way there will be less morning fights and divorce rates will go down and harmony amidst parents and children will be restored and life will be more peaceful !!

Really ? Do we really need a toothpaste dispenser ? This in my view is the new level of craziness and lazy.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Freedom of Expression

I do not have a problem with people expressing their views, in fact I feel everyone should have the right to freely voice out what they think and feel.

The problem starts when the moment we express our views ( and that too in a very polite manner ) the other will reciprocate with unnecessary sarcasm, abusive language and ridicule. They make it their goal to either convince the other that THEIR view is the only right view or silence the other.

It's your right to disagree with another but that can be done in a graceful way too.
And silence should never be taken as submission.

And debates are all about speaking, expressing, and hearing the other.
They are not about shouting, suppressing the other's voice, not hearing another's view point and in general creating noise.

Social media gives us the freedom to express and interact. It saddens me when I see people becoming abusive on Twitter, Facebook and whatsapp.
I guess John Stuart Mill said it well:

"The peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is, that it is robbing the human race; posterity as well as the existing generation; those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it. If the opinion is right, they are deprived of the opportunity of exchanging error for truth: if wrong, they lose, what is almost as great a benefit, the clearer perception and livelier impression of truth, produced by its collision with error."
  - John Stuart Mill 

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Nostalgia is

When moments from past

Become the companions 

Of your today

Copyright Renu Vyas.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Non Existent

मेरे बोलों की आवाज़ किसी तक पहुँचती ही नहीं

मेरी शख्सियत को लोग देख ही नहीं पाते हैं...

मेरे अस्तित्व का कोई महत्व नहीं किसी के लिए

मुझ जैसे लोग अक्सर यूँ ही भुला दिए जाते हैं...

Copyright Renu Vyas

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Shattered Dreams

Millions of dreams shattered

The death of each buried deep inside

So many graves, I visit each night

Copyright Renu Vyas

Odd Ones

I am an ancient square

In this modern circle of life

Awkward, mis shaped

And not fitting in

Copyright Renu Vyas

Friday, July 20, 2018

Letting Go..

Sitting by the sea side

I let my heart bleed out 

All its agony and pain 

One wave at a time....

Copyright Renu Vyas

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Changing Shapes

I never really knew love

People only love 

If you mould yourself

To their expectations

Sadly, I am always

Changing shapes

© Copyright Renu Vyas

Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Flight

I flew, leaving behind
My inhibitions for you
But you were not there
To notice my wings

© Copyright Renu Vyas

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Silent Conversations

Sometimes in between our conversations

Deep inside, in those little pauses

Lies a whole new dimension

Where the silence speaks

A language of it's own

Whispering all that is left unsaid

You just need to stay quiet and listen

To the language of my heart

That only your heart can understand...

By Renu Vyas

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Amaltaas Tree

Proud and strong
There's a tree that stands tall
I gaze at it in wonder
Amaltaas it is called

Defying the heat
It's flowers bloom
Their mild pleasant smell
Like a heavenly perfume

They sway here and there
In the gentle breeze
Attracting all to it
Always ready to please

A sign of nature's beauty
And a symbol of grace
The Amaltaas never fails
To bring a smile to my face

Renu Vyas

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Rain - Showers of Blessings

It is raining in Pune today. A much needed relief after the hot spell we have had.
I have always loved rains. I know a lot of people who say they feel depressed when it rains. The grey clouds seem drab to them but to me they add an element of mystery.  I absolutely love it when it rains. For me, rain means rainbows, long drives on deserted roads away from the chaos of the city, paper boats and the laughter on children’s faces as they jump and splash around in the puddles. It means hot “Pakoras” and some ginger tea as I sit by the window watching the water run down the window panes.

I love the sound it makes.. the constant rhythm that is regular only in its randomness  fascinates me. After a while you cease to notice the noise that surrounds you and realize that rain has its own kind of silence, the kind where you can get lost in your own thoughts..the silence that invites your imagination to wander to all those places.. there is a privacy in just has to connect with it to feel it.

I love being out in the rain too. That soft satin touch on my skin invigorates me and I love the way it envelops me in itself, washing away the negativity and debris of daily life. The world seems so much more cleaner after the rain. The colours become more vibrant and alive, the landscapes get that surreal quality that is so appealing and the heavenly smell of wet earth.

For a person like me, who appreciates the beauty of nature, and all the blessings that comes with it..rain  is life in all its varied forms. It is sheer poetry and the nostalgia of all that was or could have been.

I know it may sound weird to some but I love thunderstorms too. They give me this euphoric emotional release. They make me feel alive.

Yes, I love rains.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

कल रात वो लड़की बहुत याद आई...

कल रात एक सांवली सी लड़की बहुत याद आई 
मैं चुपके से फिर एक बार अपने बचपन में लौट आयी. . 

मिली मुझे एक बार फिर  वो मासूम सी परी 
थोड़ी शरारती , थोड़ी नादान , पर बातों की खरी 
बुनती थी सुन्दर सपने , रहती खयालों में घिरी

ज़माने की सच्चाई को वो कहाँ कभी समझ पायी 
कल रात वो सांवली सी लड़की बहुत याद आयी.. 

मन हुआ उसे झंझोड़ के मैं हकीकत को बताऊँ 
आँखों पे पड़ा सुनहरा पर्दा  खींच के हटाऊँ 
ख्वाबों की हसीं नींद से उसको मैं जगाऊँ 

पर लाचार, ठगी सी, मैं कुछ भी तो ना कर पायी 
कल रात वो सांवली सी लड़की बहुत याद आयी.  .

दिल चाहा कि उसे मैं अपना परिचय दे आऊं 
उसका हूँ मैं ये आज, ये उसको भी बताऊँ
कब होता है सोचा हुआ, उसको ये समझाऊं 

ना कह सकी कुछ भी तो फिर इस आज में लौट आयी 
कल रात वो सांवली सी लड़की बहुत याद आयी.. 

© Copyright Renu Vyas

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Port Moresby – My Home Away From Home

My School Photograph

I have written about so many places and things here on my blog, but for some odd reason,  I had put my memories of Papua New Guinea on hold. It was as if my mind had somehow blocked them.

Today I came across a few old photographs from my life in Port Moresby and it was as if a floodgate had opened. I felt like a fragile sand castle on the beach, that’s carefully built walls crashed and got carried away with the high tide of memories. My brain working overtime remembering all the lovely moments from that time back home..hold on..did I just say back home ? Yes, however much I might deny it, deep down the only place that ever felt like true home in my heart is and always will be Port Moresby.

I remember our house in Boroko. The houseboy Penny who defined the word loyalty, his wife Lucy who was a wonder at most things and a very gentle soul. I remember  the Hibiscus, gorgeous bougainvillaea, stunning sunsets, moo moo parties,  long dresses with bright big colourful floral  prints, the bird of paradise , the women always carrying their little babies in slings with baskets on their heads, Pidgeon English, beetle nuts,  red teeth and warm smiles..

I remember Skyline Drive In and seeing Clint Eastwood on the big screen for the first time and falling in love with him (that is until I saw John Travolta In Saturday Night Fever and Grease at Wards Cinema..sneaking off with my friends from school).

I remember Paga  Hill and Koki Market.  Shopping at Steamships and Burns Phillips, the long drives, the curves at Three Mile, Crystal Rapids, Brown River and Sunday outings to Ela beach..the heavenly smell of low tide..collecting shells on Taurama beach and putting the larger shells to my ears to hear the sound of the sea in them..

I studied at Port Moresby High School and made some great friends. I remember our Principal Mr. Terry Riles ( who I connected with once again after some 30+ years ). I remember how much I hated my French class though loved the English one with Mr. Jackson (and I had a secret crush on him too..haha), always looked forward to the school trips to Pari Village with my favourite teacher Mrs. Carol Kidu. I remember the lovely school dances, the plays, and the horrible detentions, and the awesome meat pies at the school canteen (and the tolly ice). I remember the 3 day school camps, the long hikes and being stung by Jellyfish.

Whenever I think of Port Moresby, the two songs that come to my mind are “Pearly Shells” by Nora Aunor and “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” by John Farnham. I would give anything to go back to that time in Port Moresby, but like everything else in life, times change..thank god I have these great memories  that no one can take away from me..