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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Person I Never Met

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

Sometimes I miss a person
Who I have never known or seen
I miss him in all the places
Where with him I have never been

I miss him by the seaside
Where we never once went
I miss all the fun and laughter
And the times we never spent

I miss long walks in the moonlight
Holding hands I have never held
My mind re-lives the emotions
That my heart has never felt

Often at nights I stay up
Recreating memories I never had
I experience such longing and yearning
For the person I have never met

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Sakha

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

When life’s trials and tribulations overwhelm me
Out of panic, I call out your name
You hear me and reinstate my peace and calm
Smiling, you take away all my pain

Hare Krishna !

Sunday, February 08, 2015

The City That Was

© Copyright Renu Vyas

There is an entire city
That resides in my heart
Where time stands still
No future, present or past

It has a beautiful house
That you and I built with love
And the sweet little garden
That we were so proud of

There is that little pond
Where ducks swim and walk
And by its side on the bench 
We used to sit and talk

The maple tree that sways
With the warm pleasant breeze
In which shade we had sat
And created beautiful dreams

There are paths and alleys
Where hand in hand we strolled
Those whispered endearments
And the love names we called

Then one day you got bored
And left all this behind
I cried and called you back
But to my pain you were blind

 I waited and waited
But it was all in vain
For you were oblivious
To my distress and pain

So now it’s time I move on
And this place I must leave
The city in my heart that I loved
 No longer there exists

Saturday, February 07, 2015

He Was Like The Seasons

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

I once knew an amazing man
Whose personality changed like the seasons
His mood swings often left me baffled
For they defied all logic and reasons

Sometimes he was like the spring
His smile made my heart dance to his tune
The gentleness that his voice held
Would drive away all my gloom

Sometimes he was like the summer
His warmth melted my heart and it bloomed
And at other times his words burned and scorched
Leaving my heart with bleeding wounds

Sometimes he was like the autumn
His love caressed like the gentle breeze
And at other times he was like the harsh winds
That would make my hopes fall like autumn leaves

Sometimes he was like the winter
His love would sooth and cool my wounds
And yet at times his frosty silence
Froze my heart and left it feeling doomed

So though he was an amazing man
His personality changed like the seasons
His mood swings often left me baffled
For they defied all logic and reasons

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Eternal Love

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

My world was all black and white
You filled it with every color and shade
Chasing away the dullness of my life 
Enveloping me in your loving embrace

You tended to my emotional needs
Making me drop all the dark facades
Like a flower I flourished and unfurled
Under your kind gentle loving gaze

You nurtured my heart, filled it with cheer
And its happiness you always ensured
I blossomed and bloomed so gracefully
Cleansed of all negativities and felt pure

You walked me through the path of life
And always held my hand with love
You are forever in me and around me Krishna
Helping me and guiding me from above

Hare Krishna !

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Pendulum Of Life

© Copyright Renu Vyas

I am a pendulum
Forever swaying
To the monotony of life
No changes in the rhythm
Each day the same
Again and again
What was yesterday
Remains the same today
And will repeatedly remain so
Day after day
Back and forth
I sway and sway
A slave of the tick tock
That life has set 
Turning minutes into hours
And days into years
 Until the day
The clock stops
Breaking this monotony
And giving me respite
From the life
Of a pendulum

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Nostalgia - The 80s

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Today while browsing through You Tube, I came across the old Surf advertisement. Who can forget Lalita Ji ? certainly not those who grew up in the 80s ! I have often posted about India in the 80s and yet I never seem to tire of it. I guess as we grow older our mind tends to wander down memory lane and the times that were..

Here are a few things that I miss about that era:

  • The simplicity of the TV ads like Lalita Ji's Surf, Humara Bajaj, Chal Meri Luna and the likes.
  • Doordarshan's spinning logo and the annoying music that went with it :P 
  • News by Salma Sultan.
  • The leather covered radios (my grandpa had one and BBC news on the radio was a daily ritual..and lets not forget the Binaca Geetmala).
  • Every week had one purpose - to watch the next episode of Mahabharat.
  • Campa Cola, Signal toothpaste and Ajanta tooth brush.
  • Singer sewing machines.
  • Lakhani Chappal and Bata. (Bata was the rich man's brand back then).
  • The hand held decorated fans or "pankhis" as we called them for when the power was out. (and yes the Khaitan fans too).
  • The kerosene lamps and lanterns.
  • Dalda ghee and Postman oil.
  • Cantharidine hair oil.
  • Playing Gilli Danda, Satolia, Chupa Chupi, Kancha (marbles) and Carrom with cousins.
  • Spinning lattus (tops).
I guess I could go on and on..
Anyone has anything more to add to the list ? :)