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Monday, July 25, 2016


Words are my enemies
And words are my friends
They give release to my thoughts
And they set down new trends

Sometimes they come easily to me
And sometimes they don’t 
At time they flow in rhyme and rhythm
And other times they just wont 

Some words can be cruel
Hurting more than a wound or scar
They make home in my mind and heart
Refusing to leave or stray far

Some words are loving and gentle
Giving warmth and happiness to my heart
They fill me with new hopes and dreams
And encourage me to a new start

Some words turn into metaphors
Giving new meaning to my thoughts
While others thrill and excite me
Creating fabulous stories, poems and plots

I dread the days words leave me
And I suffer from the writer’s block
I cajole, coerce, and plead with them
While in my blank mind they hide and mock