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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ocean Therapy

I miss the beaches of Salalah.
I miss going to the beach in the evenings and sitting there in peace, letting the stillness envelope my thoughts. I love the ocean, the salty air, the warm sun on my face, the seagulls swooping down for bread crumbs, couples walking along hand in hand, children making sand castles, the distant voices of the fishermen..

Being away from the daily chaos - the traffic, the people and the stress of everyday life. Sitting there quietly looking out at the horizon and the endless ocean gives me a sense of freedom. The world stops for me as I experience a profound peace within.

The vastness of the ocean makes me realize how small I am and this knowledge in turn rips apart all the false egos that I unknowingly acquire in this world of pretences..Hence keeping me grounded to reality.

I love to walk bare feet on the beach too. The feel of the sand under my feet as the waves gently caress them. I walk shrugging away the worries of the world and simply taking in the beauty of it all…picking up different shells  and imagining what it must be like under the sea.  I soon lose myself, imagining mermaids and other mythical creatures.

It is amazing, how an hour or two at a quiet beach can make one feel as if the soul has been cleansed of the grub of everyday life. I call it the “Ocean Therapy” that I feel everyone must undergo once in a while.


  1. I too love beaches. It is soothing and refreshing!

  2. nice post. I like your 3rd paragraph a lot. Because I too feel the same.

  3. Beaches are really mesmerizing..Always loved them

  4. @ Indrani - Fully agree with you ! :)

    @ Ran in jan - Thank you :)

    @ Harsha - I love them too..and at times I just long to join the children and make sand castles !!

  5. Sweet Post, Sitting on a beach watching the ocean definitely gives you a feeling a part of something bigger, but to the contrary sometimes it makes you feel smaller as well and that's good to keep your ego in line :P lol

  6. Can't agree less there

  7. Agree with this post. I have visited the Pondy beach many times and the sounds of waves that accompanies the cool breeze along with the vast ocean, I cant describe the feeling in words here

  8. makes me wanna go and visit a beach now!
    Zooni recently posted

  9. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit or stroll along the beaches in sunset.

  10. You have painted a picture in words..
    very refreshing