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Saturday, April 18, 2015

An Ode To Mother Nature

© Copyright Renu Vyas

 All night long
A roaring storm raged
It banged its fists 
On my window panes
But as the daylight came
 It subsided
Silently it receded 
And went into hiding

The morning has come 
To spread its joy
I hear a distant chuckle 
Of a baby boy
The sun comes out 
The flowers all bloom
Spreading all around 
Their sweet perfume

Dewdrops glisten 
Like pearls on leaves
A spider works quietly 
And a silk web it weaves
The air is fresh 
In the early morning light
The sky is clear 
Clouds are fluffy and white

Out comes a koyal 
To sing me a song
I could sit still 
And hear it all day long
It sits and sings 
A sweet melody
That fills my heart 
With such rhapsody

Here and there
Fly the honeybees
Humming and buzzing
Between swaying trees
They work non-stop
And for long hours
Hopping and flying
From flower to flower

The cows come out 
And idly graze
Soaking in the warmth 
Of the sun rays 
The sound of their cowbells 
Add to their charm
I am filled with 
A sense of peace and calm

These days we are so surrounded by the urban jungle, the unlimited concrete buildings going up everywhere and the daily chaos of life that we totally miss out on the beauty and healing power of mother nature. Time spent in the lap of nature is time spent well. One cannot help but marvel at the beauty of a single flower, or the roar of thunder, or the early morning dewdrops on the leaves. 

We are so caught up in the daily grind that we fail to notice the beauty we are surrounded with. We destroy the greenery for shopping malls; we chop away the trees and forests for skyscrapers and flyovers and we do all this in the name of development. This poem is my ode to mother nature. 

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