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Monday, March 04, 2013

True Love...??

Had an interesting conversation with a friend. She kept talking about how "true love" was rare and hard to find, and it left me wondering what "true love" actually is...

I feel "true love" is a rather unrealistic goal in the sense most people take it to be. It is somehow all-consuming and seems to imply that you make ONE person the sole center of your life. Not only is that not possible, it's not healthy. We need "people", not "a person", to be complete.

True love is about becoming pure and one with existence and finding love within yourself, not outside of yourself.

Most people are selfish. Love is selfless and unconditional. Majority of women would NOT love a man without a job. I often hear men saying they prefer slim good looking women. People put 'conditions' on others and don’t realize that as soon as you have a 'type', you are not open to love.  When you throw away your 'list' of standards and qualifications, then you are open to love, and unless you find someone who has also thrown away their 'lists' and pre-conceived notions of will never happen.