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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vyas Ki Jana Main Kaun !!

I visit the Omantel office to inquire about the status of my land line phone. I’m asked to fill up a form. I get my pen out and start filling up the form. A guy next to me holds a similar form in his hands and stares at it. He alternates the stares between the form and me. Finally I ask:

“Some problem ? Can I help you ?”
“I speak English, but I no read knowing, I write with help so you telling me” he replies
“Aah….” I finally understand, and decide to help him.
“Write your name where it says NAME”
He writes his name.
“Ok..tick the box that says MALE” I tell him.
He glances at my form and gives me a hard look.
“You write female, I write female” He says ( I guess he thinks I’m intentionally giving him false information)
“No no….I am female and you are male” I explain.
“You female, I female.” He says with a stubborn look on his face.
Sigh...I try once again.
“I am a woman, so I am female. You are a man, so you are male.”
Now he starts looking annoyed
“Ok, I male, you are male, if you female, I female ! Same write !”

By this time I’m almost confused and wondering what I've let myself into. I frantically look around for help and see another guy. I ask him if he knows the local language. His reply is affirmative. I request him to help this guy and he obliges.
I get back to my own form and almost tick the MALE section before I realize my mistake. Groan…I’m almost facing a gender crisis of sorts now ! I submit the form and run out of the place fast before I start wondering if I am a female or a male !!!!


  1. you male or female ? :P

  2. @ Maggi - Lol..I'll let you know as soon as I find out ;)

    @ Gita - Hehe..thanks :d

  3. That is really funny! I have also faced situations like these but not exactly like yours! :)