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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

India In The Eighties

India in the eighties was different from what it is now. Life seemed so uncomplicated and fun then, now, somehow we have preconceived notions about what fun should be, and we fail to derive pleasure out of the simple things in life.

There are so many memories and so many things I miss about my childhood or teenage life.

I miss not knowing  that a dropped ice cream cone is not the worst thing in the world.

I miss the Doordarshan’s  “Mile Sur Mera Tumhara”, Malgudi Days and Wagle Ki Duniya.

I remember and miss the long train journeys with mom and dad, the chaos on railway stations, arguments with the coolies, hot samosas with kulhad chai, and insignificant conversations with strangers.

I miss the groups of children of all ages playing on the streets and around houses - hide and seek, skipping, cricket, gilli-danda, and marbles.

I miss the sounds of various kinds of music from loudspeakers heard from different spots right from five in the morning till 3am on ganesh festival, independence day, navratri, shivratri etc etc.

I miss the ball games played with cousins where if ever the ball fell in the roadside gutter, it would be taken out and get thrown against the nearest concrete wall to dry without parents going ballistic.

I miss the older aunties haggling while buying anything and everything.

I miss the peddlers with their raw mango slices spiced with hot chilli powder and roadside pani puri and wada pav.

I miss seeing families of four (sometimes five) on a scooter, and nine people getting down from an auto rickshaw (I swear I saw that too once !)

I miss attending marriages all decked up in beautiful saris and colorful bangles and secretly glancing around to check out who all have noticed ! And the dancing on the road in a baaraat without caring if you dance well or not !

Thankfully I’m shifting back to India soon !


  1. dil jeet liya ! this is an amazing post .. rekindled memories of half pant !!
    Dalda ka yellow dibba to nukkad to wagle ke duniya .. to mile sur mera tumhara .. life in 80s was completely so different 30 years down
    I wish , you could have got the same India now that you are coming back .. alas,its a blend . and yes there is no Malgudi days quality of daily soap ..all horrible .. Ekta Kapoor serial killing stuff !! No more Dalda and Postman .. all Saffola .. :D no more Gali cricket .. all on computers and phones .. and kids of the age need to google about what extinct animal was named doordarshan !! :D

  2. Sure, the ambiance has changed with that of people's mind-set. Your walk down to 80s just kindle my memories too.Beautiful write.

  3. Welcome Back to India..Though India has changed completely..But I guess you will discover a New India and I believe you will fall in love with this New India also..And I miss Malgudi Days Too..Na Na Na nanana... :-)

  4. Old is gold... Beautify and mesmerizing post.

    Your post reminded me the days of yello dabbas - dalda dabbas. Like xeros is a common word for photocopy, dalda is common word for ghee in India.

  5. Nostalgic!
    I grew up in the nineties..... but still I remember ..atleast some of them.. mile sur, wagle ki dunia n all...:)

  6. Nostalgic!....
    I grew up in the nineties., still I remember some of them... wagle ki dunia, mile sur...:)

  7. Your Post brought a smile on my face. Our 80's was really beautiful and far more peaceful than today..Life was simple and source of pleasure were simplistic and unalloyed. Thanks for this pleasure ride to the memory lane.

  8. @ Jack - thanks ! Ugh @ Ekta Kapoor serials..a waste of time. I used to love Nukkad too :)

    @ Arumugam Easwar - Thank you :)

    @ Harsha - I'm sure I'll love this India too :)

    @ OurJaipur.Com - Thanks :)

    @ aamjunta - you said it :) dalda and postman..

    @ Rahul Sindhwani - Those were good times :)

    @ Jiggyasa - Yes it was a beautiful time indeed :)

  9. It was the best time, 90s. Also the Flow show by Jaspal Bhatti was really good.

  10. Nice post.. The days of eighties still lingers my mind. If i get a chance to board a time machine..i will surely land in the eighties..I