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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chal Meri Luna

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There was a time when I enjoyed going for walks. I still go for my daily walk but I now do so after saying a prayer each time I go out.  Traffic is Pune is going from bad to worse. The roads are crammed with youngsters on bikes disregarding all traffic rules. One gets to see all these fancy sleek modified bikes that wiz past at breakneck speeds. It’s a nightmare.

I remember the good old childhood days of Jodhpur when owning a Bajaj Chetak or Priya was a sign of prosperity. I wonder if Bajaj still makes those scooters. I heard somewhere they had stopped.

It used to be every youngster’s dream to own a Luna and every girl’s dream to own a Sunny..and yes let’s not forget Hero Puch. I remember there used to be a Rajdoot bike in my family too. Sunday mornings were spent cleaning the vehicles lovingly. Heck..I even loved the “Hamara Bajaj” and “Chal Meri Luna”advertisements that played on Doordarshan.



  1. Very true :) The Sunny ad was so cute! I had a Bajaj Sunny that I took to college :)

  2. The advertisement was appealing, became an integral sign soon...

  3. very nice and new theme is well selected !

  4. Made me remember my brother who had spend a whole night near his new hero-honda the day he had purchased it!! ;)

  5. @ Anita - Yes the Sunny ad was great too ! :)

    @ Paresh - Thank you :)

    @ Indrani - Yeah..Sunny..Luna..those were the days !

    @ Ankur - Thanks :)

    @ Preethi - I don't blame him..Hero Honda was THE BIKE in those days ! :)

  6. We too had Luna, smaller than scooter and kinetic. Didn't even need a licence to drive too, so as soon as you reached teenage you could drive it. First ever vehicle we learnt with. It was like a cycle with a motor. We used to play on it so much as kids

  7. After looking at the title 'Chal meri Luna' , I couldnot resist myself from reading the post. Nice one. Thanks for bringing back those memories..

  8. @ Bedanga Ji - Thanks :) glad you enjoyed the post.