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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Trip To Nighoj

I first read about Nighoj and its awesome potholes on Rajaram Sethuraman's blog
My thanks to Rajaram for letting us know about this amazing place. I had a great time today visiting the place with my family :) 


  1. Looks like an amazing place.... Where is it?

  2. Looks interesting. Never knew of this place. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Never knew about this place and it seems its quite near to Pune. Will go sometime soon :)

  4. @ Neha - Let me quote Rajaram here: "from Pune: Go to the Nagar road, travel towards Ahmednagar. Cross Shikrapur, then Ranjangaon. If you have time, stop over at Ranjangaon and visit one of the Asthavinayak temples. After a while, you should see en exit for Shirur. Do not take that road into Shirur village. The Shirur bypass (the highway) goes towards the right. The moment you cross Shirur, you should cross a bridge over Khod river (Khodnadi or Ghodnadi). Immediately after the bridge, there is a junction where you take the first exit (left) which kind of looks like going back in the same direction you came from. Keep going on this road for around 18-19kms after which you will reach Nighoj. Just as you enter the village, you will see an arch on the left. Take the road under the arch and keep going for another 3 kms when you will hit a river (with a temple). This is the place you are looking for. " :)

    @ Anita - Yes its worth a visit :)

    @ Puru - I suppose it would be more fun going there on a cloudy day..though we enjoyed it yesterday too but it was a bit hot. :)

    @ Magiceye - Yes it's amazing :)

  5. Certainly did not know about this place..Thanks for sharing and of course yes it is worth a visit !!

  6. Even I am curious, where is this place! Enchanting!