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Sunday, March 23, 2014

An App Anyone ??

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Friend on Whatsapp: So what are you doing ?
Me: Trying to book my flight ticket and my return rail ticket for my trip..but my laptop’s acting weird. In fact, my net connection is acting weird too.
Her: But why do you want to use the laptop and the broadband for that ?
Me: (surprised) Huh..? Isn’t that how it’s done ?
Her: Use your phone and data connection to book them silly !
Me: I just google the booking site on the phone ?
Her: Download the site’s app and fact there is an  IRCTC  app too that you can download.
Me: Yes but I need to recharge my account balance too…
Her: Download the Paypal app for that !

Ok…apparently, there’s an app for everything. From waking up in the morning to knowing what to have for lunch and even staying in contact with family and friends to shopping online to listening to your favorite song or viewing the news headlines – there is an app.

Many people now prefer texting to calling and befriending someone on a social network app rather than greeting them in person. A friend of mine cannot complete anything without mentioning it on Twitter and yet another cannot attend a function or holiday without taking several pictures to upload on Facebook ..all this is done through the phone (yes it seems there are apps for Twitter and Facebook too !)

Smart phones are becoming an integral part of our lives and yes to an extent they do make our lives easier, and yet, sometimes I feel that the society is on the verge of forgetting the importance of what it really means to understand and relate to another at personal level.

Sadly, we are relying far too much on our smart phones to connect with friends, manage our money, and even wake up on time. And in the process, we forget that phones can never replace human interaction.  It is pathetic to rely on an App for every this and that, from not finding our way to anywhere without a GPS or an app that “reminds” us to call our near and dear ones.

I truly feel that the phones are getting smarter while we are getting dumber.


  1. Apps are making us robots. You're right, we are getting dumber.

  2. Well said ! .. we are becoming dependent on smart phones and technology for our normal life !

  3. Very true! Everywhere you can find out people busy with their smart phone ignoring the persons physically present with them!

  4. Very rightly put across! Apps for everything! Wish people's smartness also increased in the same proportion as the newer & better smartphones!

  5. True! Sometimes it really seems life is getting machine dependent and less humane.