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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Beautiful Stranger

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

I once met a beautiful stranger
Who I had never met before
Though we didn't know each other
In an instant connected our souls

Some shy smiles were exchanged
Some feelings surfaced pure and true
Some unspoken words were heard
That the hearts understood and knew

Though there was a crowd around
We were oblivious to each and all
Our eyes just sought each other’s
The place became intimate and small

 He looked in wonder at my face
From far across the room
And under his caring, loving gaze
I felt my heart flutter and bloom

Some silent words were said
And some promises were made
His heart touched mine tenderly
Making my problems blur and fade

Deep down I knew and recognized
In a few hours we’d both be gone
Life would get back to normal
And I’d once again be all alone

It was not the right moment
Nor probably the right time
But in those few precious moments
I spent with him a whole lifetime

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