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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Nature’s Portrait

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

The lovely green plants in my garden
Fill me each day with much happiness
For each and every new morning
They look forever green and fresh

The sun comes out each day and shines
Adding crispness and warmth to the air
The plants smile and get to work
Making tiny little flower buds appear

As the day gets more pleasant and warm
The buds open up their beautiful petals
The sight fills me with gratitude and love
I would not trade it with any wealth or medal

They bloom and sway in the gentle breeze
Even though surrounded by thorns
Teaching us that though there are hurdles in life
There is a fresh start each new day and morn

The flowers all seem like a rainbow of colors
Orange, yellow, red, pink and white
Nature has painted such a lovely portrait
It gives my heart such peace and delight

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