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Sunday, February 08, 2015

The City That Was

© Copyright Renu Vyas

There is an entire city
That resides in my heart
Where time stands still
No future, present or past

It has a beautiful house
That you and I built with love
And the sweet little garden
That we were so proud of

There is that little pond
Where ducks swim and walk
And by its side on the bench 
We used to sit and talk

The maple tree that sways
With the warm pleasant breeze
In which shade we had sat
And created beautiful dreams

There are paths and alleys
Where hand in hand we strolled
Those whispered endearments
And the love names we called

Then one day you got bored
And left all this behind
I cried and called you back
But to my pain you were blind

 I waited and waited
But it was all in vain
For you were oblivious
To my distress and pain

So now it’s time I move on
And this place I must leave
The city in my heart that I loved
 No longer there exists

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