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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Nostalgia - The 80s

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Today while browsing through You Tube, I came across the old Surf advertisement. Who can forget Lalita Ji ? certainly not those who grew up in the 80s ! I have often posted about India in the 80s and yet I never seem to tire of it. I guess as we grow older our mind tends to wander down memory lane and the times that were..

Here are a few things that I miss about that era:

  • The simplicity of the TV ads like Lalita Ji's Surf, Humara Bajaj, Chal Meri Luna and the likes.
  • Doordarshan's spinning logo and the annoying music that went with it :P 
  • News by Salma Sultan.
  • The leather covered radios (my grandpa had one and BBC news on the radio was a daily ritual..and lets not forget the Binaca Geetmala).
  • Every week had one purpose - to watch the next episode of Mahabharat.
  • Campa Cola, Signal toothpaste and Ajanta tooth brush.
  • Singer sewing machines.
  • Lakhani Chappal and Bata. (Bata was the rich man's brand back then).
  • The hand held decorated fans or "pankhis" as we called them for when the power was out. (and yes the Khaitan fans too).
  • The kerosene lamps and lanterns.
  • Dalda ghee and Postman oil.
  • Cantharidine hair oil.
  • Playing Gilli Danda, Satolia, Chupa Chupi, Kancha (marbles) and Carrom with cousins.
  • Spinning lattus (tops).
I guess I could go on and on..
Anyone has anything more to add to the list ? :)

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