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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Because I Am

I carved a niche for myself
And worked hard day and night
In the hope of being acknowledged
And to reach out to new heights

All I craved was appreciation
And a little bit of praise
But I forgot I lived in a man’s world
Where for me there was no space

I reached out to all around me
Seeking approval and some joy
But I was constantly overlooked
My hopes crushed and destroyed

The men would not applaud me
Nor would they ever recognize
“Her place is at home in the kitchen”
They wished I would realize

The women remained indifferent
And more misery to me they brought
“How dare she do what we could not?”
They fumed inside and thought

So I remained largely unnoticed
But I knew one day I would shine
My worth I will prove to one and all
And my identity I will define

© Copyright Renu Vyas

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