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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Woman That Was

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Forgotten by all, lost and lonely
She became invisible and unseen
 People would look right through her
But not hear her silent screams

They talked to her, they passed her by
But failed to see her tears
They talked of all the comforts she had
Yet never noticed her fears

So she donned a mask that always smiled
And hid all that she really had been
She retreated deep down in herself
And the real “Her” was never again to be seen

© Copyright Renu Vyas


  1. People are mostly superficial....they neither share anyone's anguish nor do recognize it...and as insensitive they are that they don't even understand what is pain and where it aches...very nice presentation of lonely fight of one with her sensible mind and treasuring own wounds in own small world of Tagore wrote, "When none respond to your call, just move ahead alone...If none speaks to you, if everyone turns face, O the wretched; then bare out your soul and speak out own words alone...just alone"
    My best wishes, Renu !

    1. Thank you Lopa for understanding the pain of people who fight this lonely battle..and yes Tagore's poem is beautiful ☺️