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Sunday, February 02, 2020

Joker In The Pack

Life has always been for me
Like a deck of  playing cards
There are kings, queens and jacks
While I , the joker stands apart

I have watched on quietly
As life's hand after hand is dealt
And with each game that is played
Only worthlessness is all I've felt

People have rarely noticed me
Kept my opinions and wishes aside
I stayed on the peripheries of life
Compromising with my pride

I am to be used as and when
Things are not going so great
I do what is required of me
But my heart carries this sad weight

With a pained smile on my face 
I sadly gaze into their eyes
Entertaining the kings and queens 
while my whole being aches and cries

So you see, In a world so bright
I live all alone, night after night
I am the useless Joker 
Ignored by the orchestrators of life 

©Renu Vyas