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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Nomadic Existence

I have  lead a nomadic existence..from living abroad with my parents to returning back to my home town..and off to Jaipur..Ahmedabad..Pune..and now back abroad again. It may sound strange but I carry the essence of all those places and feel connected to each and every one of them.

The things that irritated me, the places and people I disliked, all take on a new dimension once I leave. Remembering the people I avoided for whatever reason brings a smile to my face, there's a feeling of warmth even in things that left me irritated. The mundane life I lead in my hometown, the loneliness I experienced in Jaipur,  the frustrations and struggle of Ahmedabad, and Pune’s traffic and hectic life..looking back, none of it seems what it did earlier.  Maybe it is because deep down we can never really let go of our yesterdays. Places change, people change, situations change..but the one permanent thing in our life is our memories that stay buried deep down in our heart only to emerge at random moments, sometimes making us happy and sometimes making us sad.

However much we deny, we all like to live in our pasts. The present is what we’re going through, and the future is unknown. The past and its memories are the only treasure that no one can deny us of.