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Sunday, January 06, 2013

SMS haye haye !!

This has been bothering me for the last few days and I decided I would rant here and get it off my mind.

I am tech savvy. I too use the short message service (SMS) like most people. I too use the SMS lingo to a certain extent to get the message through. The point here is, using a U for a you or OMG for oh my god or R for are or gr8 for great is all fine but lately the abbreviations are more into murdering the language rather than conveying the message !!

Recently a friend signed off a message with HAND which left me wondering what it was, upon asking, I was told it meant "have a nice day" !! Another message had a NRN - no reply necessary ! Moreover, the emoticons have become so popular that I see people aping them. A friend showing surprise actually opened her mouth and stared in the " :-O " style !!

I am in agony. SMS has become a pain in the **** (pardon my language people). I see a future where SMS degrees and diploma courses will be conducted in colleges, SMS language books will be published. Movies will have people speaking in SMS lingo and all facial expressions will be as per the Yahoo emoticons
On ths nte I rst my cs ( and if you didnt understand the last line..dude go learn the SMS lingo !!!)

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