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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Dislike Dogs


There..I finally said it !! High time too ! I’ve always wanted to declare it publicly, but for some reason, saying this is a definite no-no in our society these days. As soon as you utter the taboo words “I dislike dogs”, you’re taken for being a cold, cruel, monstrous person who is unemotional and devoid of love.

I was invited by a friend for dinner last night. Upon ringing the doorbell the friend opened the door, before I could say a “hi”, a dog was all over me barking, pawing, licking and terrifying me in general.  To make matters worse, the friend was laughing.

“He gets so excited when someone visits ! Sit Fido sit !”

“Yes well...can’t you sort of...tie him up or lock him in somewhere while I’m here..?” I ask in a feeble trembling voice.

She looks deeply hurt, shocked and pained. I am made to feel as if I have requested Fido’s execution.

“He’s only hugging you. He won’t do anything. Sit Fido baby!” she replies in a voice that hints I have displeased her.

Fido does NOT get locked, rather, throughout the meal, he sits right beside me with his tongue hanging out, his eyes staring at me with a triumphant glint that reminded me how I was at his mercy.

I wonder, why do dog owners impose their dogs on everyone ? Why can’t they understand that if they love their dog that’s great, but their neighbors or visitors may not share their enthusiasm. I know this lady who’s dog often runs after the neighbors kids, snarling. She laughs and says “he’s just playing.” Is her dog’s entertainment so important to her that it makes her blind to other people’s discomfort ?

The worst part is that certain dog lovers who don’t like certain things that I like, never fail to voice out their opinion and expect me to understand their viewpoint, and yet, the second I say I dislike dogs they act like I am the scum of the earth and ostracize me.

The world has gone dog crazy.  People love and care more for their dogs than they would a fellow human being. Referring to dogs as "kids" and giving them human names. People are willing to pay to feed their dogs and buy all these other fancy things but they won’t feed the homeless.

Most of the time, I force a smile so as not to cause offence to dog owners, but the truth is that I don’t like dogs. I never have and I never will.

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