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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stories That Died

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© Copyright Renu Vyas

I once had some stories to tell
And a lot of enthusiasm to do so
To share them with the whole world
And let their words everywhere flow

I shouted my stories from rooftops
And sang them to the winds
I colored them like the rainbows
And wove them into beautiful dreams

I filled my eyes and heart with them
And braided my hair with their words
I adorned my body with their emotions
And my mind flew free like a bird

I embraced all their characters
And reveled in their twists and turns
I marveled at their beauty
And to share them with someone I yearned

Alas, no one had time for them
They found them insignificant and absurd
They had no interest in such stories
So mine remained neglected and unheard

The characters slowly died down in them
The words over time faded and blurred
The wish to share no longer ruled
The emotions all dried up and withered

Silence now rules my heart
And my eyes remain devoid of dreams
I no longer have anything to share
The stories have all died down it seems….

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