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Friday, March 06, 2015

Your Everything, And More

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My life was so intertwined
Lovingly with yours
And you claimed I was
Your everything, and more..

My days were filled
With thoughts of you
Your nights were punctuated
With dreams of me..

My whole being reflected
Your personality
And you echoed
Every emotion I had..

Naively, I thought
Our love was everlasting
Little did I know
That life had other plans..

You lost yourself
To the daily chaos of life
While I got lost 
In the clutter of your mind..

Feelings were procrastinated
And indifference crept in
Your priorities changed
And mine faded with time..

The love that once was
Now lies lifeless and forgotten
Suffocating under 
The debris of indifference..

 No more is my life
Intertwined with yours
And no more am I
Your everything, and more...

© Copyright Renu Vyas

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