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Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Day Out In The Sky

This one's for my sweet little Aayushi :)

I lie in my garden and gaze at the sky
I see the fluffy white clouds drift by
I imagine myself among those clouds
Singing songs and laughing aloud

I meet and gossip with a fairy or two 
Revel in emotions, wonderful and new
I dance with all the sylphs around
And hear nature’s beautiful sounds

I come across a castle of dreams
The fairies declare me as its queen
I wear wishes and hopes as my crown
Dress in glass slippers and satin gowns

The sun looks down and smiles at me
And the child in me claps in glee 
I lie back and bask in warm sunshine
Feeling so carefree and divine

The moon gently spreads its light
I gaze in wonder at the beautiful sight
I fill my pockets with a handful of stars
Those shine so bright, near and far

I feed on the air and drink in the breeze
And play some games with fairy pixies
Finally tired, I come back to the ground
And fall asleep in my bed so sound

© Copyright Renu Vyas

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