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Friday, July 31, 2015

The Disillusioned Youth

They live in a make believe world
That has no bearing on reality
And remain trapped in a false life
That is far from practicalities

Peace and love are alien to them
They speak the language of hate
They neither hear logic nor reason
With guns they communicate 

They erase the fine line that depicts
What is wrong and what is right
Their life is full of darkness
And they shun out any form of light

They talk of happiness and freedom
And they scream of it and shout
But in reality they are disillusioned
For they know not what it’s all about

They turn to drugs in hard times
And suffer from low self-esteem
Chaos reigns high in their life
Their true self becomes hard to redeem

They walk the path of ignorance
And they make ample mistakes
That however much they may try later
Will become harder to erase

 There will someday come a time
When they’ll wake up and realize
That all their ideals were false
And this was no way to lead their life

© Copyright Renu Vyas

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