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Monday, September 28, 2015

Let Some Wishes Remain Unfulfilled

Why do people always send greetings with the words "I hope all your dreams come true" ? For some reason I find it weird..

Yes, it is always a pleasant feeling when wishes are fulfilled..but If all wishes were fulfilled and all dreams came true , where would be the reason to look forward to anything ? Would I be happy if all my wishes and dreams came true ? Probably not..I would not have anything more to live for.

Let some wishes remain unfulfilled..Gulzar Sahab said it well..

कतरा कतरा मिलती है 
कतरा कतरा जीने दो 
जिंदगी है, बहने दो
प्यासी हूँ मैं, प्यासी रहने दो..

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