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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

On Babas, Babies and Bachhas

After a long long time I log on to Yahoo Messenger, I see a friend online and decide to catch up with her. I ask her how she and how her family is.

Her: We are fine but you know my Baba has to work so much in office these days. Two of his colleagues are on leave and he has to do their share of the work too..Everyday he comes home so tired and it worries me. My poor bachha..

Me: Yeah..I can understand..we moms do get worried when we see our children tired and all..

Her: Children ?? No no..I am talking about my husband !

Me: Oh..(wondering why a wife would call her husband her "bachha")

Same evening I see her husband come online.

Me: You wife was very worried about you

Him: My baby worries too much.

Me: Oh..even the child worries..that's so sweet..

Him: No I'm talking about my wife

Me: (stumped !!)

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