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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

My Little Piyu

I wrote this poem for my grandchild Avni (Piyu). She is a gift from the heavens above, a perfect example of God's true love.

A pretty cute little angel
Came from the heavens above
brought abundance of happiness
And filled my heart with Love

Her parents named her Avni
But for me she is my little Piyu
Her innocent sweet looks charm me
She is as pure as the morning dew

Her beautiful smile warms my heart
As do those mesmerizing eyes
God sent her to be cherished and loved
She is a blessing in disguise

I cuddle and hold her in my arms
In awe I touch and tickle her toes
Her sweet baby smell overwhelms me
As I gently touch her cute little nose

She is my very own sunshine
That lights up my nights and days
As I rock her gently on my knees
She looks up in her endearing ways

Looking down at her I know this much
Her life and mine has just begun
So much I have to share with her
She’s a part of me, my little one

© Copyright Renu Vyas

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