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Monday, June 15, 2020

Garden Of Words

I have a beautiful garden
In my mind, and my heart
I plant all my words there
Some complete, some at start

Some are totally random
While others are rehearsed
I tend to them all lovingly
Day and night they are nursed

I pour on them, all of my love
And sprinkle a little of my pain
I Add some tender feelings too
And my tears on them I rain

And finally there comes a time
When the garden is in bloom
Rich, vibrant thoughts adorn it
And some beautiful verses too

I pluck some softly, tenderly
Mix them in my emotional jar
Some turn out as beautiful
And some remain as memoirs...

Copyright Renu Vyas


  1. A sprinkle of pain is what makes the garden ultimately beautiful!

    1. I always feel that pain gives a person more understanding and appeals to masses as everyone is defeated sometime or the other..we all face me, ’Karan’ in Mahabharat was more appealing at times than Arjun who got what he wanted in his yes, pain does make it more beautiful 🙂

  2. Wonderful nursery of wishes

  3. Your poetic self so passionately portray your tenderly walk through the garden of your thoughts...I am lost in it too...take care, Renu

    1. Thank you Lopamudra , you too take care 🙂

  4. Very nice and beautilful lines...i liked it