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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Love At First Sound

I don't exactly remember when or how it happened.
I grew up abroad and I would visit my hometown in the holidays. It was then that I first heard of the radio show "Binaca Geet mala". I remember that countdown of songs..and how I fell in love with a voice. There is a saying in English -  love at first sight, but mine was love at first sound. I totally, irrevocably, fell in love with Ameen Sayani 's mesmerizing voice.

I remember how I'd rush to complete my school homework, get all that was required of me done..just so that I would be free for the show. I remember the excitement of hearing a favorite song on the popularity chart, the disappointment of another not making it..the way how Sayani Sahab's voice made  each song special..every song had a mood, a character, and a life of it's own..

Some songs brought that soft smile on my face..while my imagination took me to places, and near people I dreamt about.. while some left my eyes moist. Than there were those that made me yearn and ache for that which I had never had or even experienced..and yet I felt that acute loss..a void unexplained.

The radio show and Sayani Sahab's voice enriched my teenage years and laid a solid foundation for love of music that has only grown with the years..the show may be off air..but it lives on in my heart and memories..and to this day my love for that voice continues..


  1. Replies
    1. Yes they do. Another voice I have always been in love with is Gulzar Sahab’s ...his voice, his poetry, his songs..🙂

  2. Can totally relate to the post. I still listen to Geetmala as I am a huge retro lover.

  3. Binaca Geetmala was somethimg that connected we, the oldies, with our past...Amin Sayani btought life to radio show as in later years Annu Kaapur did im the TV musical prog...the Wednesday 7 pm was a hot time for us and the older ones...I also reminisce Vividh Bharati that treasured Bhule Bijre Geet at 8 am, Man Chaye Geet at 1 pm, Rang Tarang at 2 pm, Jaymala at 7.05 pm and Chhaya Geet at 10 pm by have resurrected the time through the stokes of your emotions--pain and pen

  4. Vividh Bharti..fauji bhaiyon ki pasand..and more memories ☺️