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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The "Like" Button

The “Like” button on Facebook…..yes its high time I talked about it. I use facebook  to stay connected with my family and friends . I have used the “Like” button often whenever I liked a photo a friend posted or read something that I truly liked or agreed with, but recently an incident on Facebook  left me shocked, speechless and highly irritated.

A friend’s father passes away and she remains absent from Facebook for some time. After a couple of weeks she comes back and sees so many messages on her Timeline left by friends inquiring where she had disappeared to. Instead of replying individually to each message she decides to explain her absence by posting a single message on her Timeline saying she had been absent because her dad had passed away.  What shocked her and me was that I was the only person to reply with a condolence message, 59 people had “Liked” her post !!!

It had me wondering… people actually read what they “like” or just “like” it for the heck of it ? I have had some people reminding me of how I had forgotten to “Like” something they had posted, while a few were actually upset and took me off their friend list because I hadn’t “Liked” !

“Like” was truly a beautiful word until Facebook ruined it. My request to fellow Facebookers – please…give a thought to what you’re “Liking” . Be sensitive to other people’s feelings.